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Science-backed, up-to-date techniques
Science-backed, up-to-date techniques

We use the best, proven techniques to help you achieve maximum sports performance.
Unlike other gyms, we don’t give you outdated or random training programmes that lead to uncertain results.

Accurate nutritional advice
Accurate nutritional advice

We advise you on personalized, holistic nutrition plans for maximum sports performance.
No fad diets or dangerous, unproven supplements are ever used.

Natural, steroid-free methods
Natural, steroid-free methods

Our methods and entire team are guaranteed 100% steroid free. We teach you natural methods that work for maximum strength and speed.
We don’t use programmes or coaches that use steroids and project a false impression of what is naturally possible.

Efficient and effective workouts
Efficient and effective workouts

We constantly assess your fitness level and health markers. Programmes are tailored to help you recover sufficiently and stay healthy.
Unlike other gyms or fitness classes, we don’t give you programmes that are inefficient at improving performance. No such thing as running on the treadmill for 30 minutes here!


Maximum performance that fits your schedule
Maximum performance that fits your schedule

Busy schedule? Nagging injuries? No problem. We customize fat burning programmes to suit your schedule and health history.
We don’t use time wasting exercises that may
aggravate old injuries or health conditions.

Education, Empowerment, Long-term health
Education, Empowerment, Long-term health

We teach, guide and empower you with skills to stay strong and keep results for life.
Most gyms and trainers want to keep you dependent on them so you sign up for more training packages.

No waiting time for equipment
No waiting time for equipment

Genesis Gym’s equipment setup means you almost never have to wait for equipment to be available.
Most gyms or training studios make you wait, or change your workout to a less effective one that fits the available equipment.

A safe, positive and professional environment
A safe, positive and professional environment

Our coaches are constantly educated at Genesis Academy. They keep our gym environment professional, positive, encouraging and family friendly
No chit-chat, playing handphone games, or making crude jokes. Genesis Gym is a healthcare facility not a nightclub.

If you are serious about achieving your best personal or team records and beating the competition, then Genesis Gym is the perfect fit for you.

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A customised strength & conditioning programme to dominate your sport

Effective, science-based methods for long-term success and injury prevention


Achieve your ideal size and strength

Every sport has its specific strength and size requirements. An athlete must meet these to perform well. We continually study current and former world champions and Olympians. Using this information, we help you achieve the specific requirements for your sport.


Develop your internal and external health

More important than strength, endurance, or technique is basic health and fitness. We’ll help you show up for the competition externally ready (no muscle or joint pain) and internally ready (brain and energy levels at their peak). Our holistic Genesis Fitness System focuses on helping you excel inside and out.


Minimise your risk of injury

Genesis Gym minimises your risk of injury by fixing ‘weak links’. We utilise the best possible methods in training, nutrition, acupuncture and trigenics for any problem areas. Our science-backed coaching and exercise instruction prevent any injuries due to poor form. They also prevent long-term injuries resulting from poor exercise selection or overuse.


Maximise your sports performance

Every sport has different requirements for strength, speed, agility, endurance, and flexibility. The Genesis strength and conditioning team will help you plan your training for the ideal mix of attributes. Our world-class gym and motivational environment will inspire you to perform at your best.

The Genesis Fitness System works for every sport

Just a few of our happy atheltes . . .
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“Genesis Gym supports my professional tennis career by customising my strength and conditioning programme to my very specific needs. No gimmicks – only an incredible amount of attention, care, and faith in my abilities. Because of my dedicated team of coaches, I have consistently broken my personal bests on the Women’s Pro Circuit. I will forever owe the Genesis team a debt of gratitude for their commitment to my success as a high-performance athlete.”

Sarah Pang Women’s Pro Tennis Player
world record holder genesis gym

-“Following my decision to attempt the Guinness World Record title, I contacted the team at Genesis Gym. I was determined to train in a professional setting with a diet and exercise regime. There is no way I could have set the world record without the expertise, support and training knowledge of the Genesis coaching team!”

Yeo Kim Yeong Chinup World Record Holder
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“Genesis is full of knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring coaches. It’s a fantastic place to train and get results – I wouldn't train anywhere else in Singapore!” - Joey Lynn Musselman, Champion Masters Triathlete

Joey Lynn Musselman Champion Masters Triathlete
personal trainer singapore

‘Genesis Gym helped me overcome old injuries, improved my speed and explosiveness, and taught me how to eat right and recover from training and games. I would recommend Genesis to any serious athlete.’

Illyas Lee National U21 Soccer Team
strength and conditioning singapore

Genesis helped me to rise as a national athlete. I can tell you that Genesis' strength and conditioning team really do have their Athletes' interest at heart and will go the extra mile for them. Hats off to coach Jonathan Wong and the Genesis team. Keep doing your thing and helping more Athletes progress. And even if you're not an athlete, the Genesis team still trains you like a champion!

Nurshahidah Wee Singapore Women’s Pro Boxer
golf personal training fitness singapore

Genesis Gym is, in my opinion the best place to train in Singapore. The strength and conditioning team meticulously creates programs for each individual based on their goals and abilities. The programs are then monitored and adjusting accordingly based on regular assessments. There is simply no guess work involved. Progress or lack thereof is tracked and analyzed in black and white.
On a personal note, thanks to the knowledge imparted by the team, my mobility is the best it has been in years and my lifting techniques have improved in leaps and bounds which allows me not only to lift more but more importantly lift safely. I am extremely thankful to have found such a place and would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of lifting experience and athletic ability!

Cho Minn Thant Professional Golfer
personal trainer singapore

‘Genesis Gym prepared our Singapore national team for the Ultimate Frisbee World Championships, and we had the best performance ever for a Singapore team, finishing in the top 10. We could not have done it without the world-class conditioning programmes given at Genesis Gym.’

Clive Soe Captain, National Ultimate Frisbee Team

Get a customised plan built for winning

A holistic approach for athletic success

Get a customised programme for your body and sport

Every Genesis Gym programme takes into account your sports requirements, body type and training experience. A programme that is incorrect for your sport or your body is going to fail. At Genesis, we make sure that won’t happen to you. We make use of comprehensive assessments and continual tracking to maximise your progress.

Save time while achieving effective results

We understand that as an athlete, you train for results. We also know that you have very limited gym time. You may have work or studies, as well as many hours of technical training. Genesis training sessions are very time-efficient. Our programmes work in 12-week blocks to fit in with your competition and off-season plans.

Benefit from a team of experts working together for you

As athletes ourselves, we know that every winner is backed by a team. Nutritionist, strength and conditioning coach, massage therapist, sport skills coach, sport psychologist, team manager—all these and maybe more. At Genesis, we’ll design your nutrition, injury prevention and fitness programmes in conjunction with the rest of your team.

We’ll work with your sports skills coach and manager to plan your training and competition schedules. Your combined gym training, nutrition plan, sports skills training and injury prevention plan will give you the great results you’re looking for.

Prepare for short- and long-term success

Genesis Gym programmes prepare you for both short- and long-term success. In the short run, we prepare you to peak at your next competition or physical test. In the long run, we aim for total athlete development from youth to adult competition.

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Great for individual and team-based training

Select your Genesis experience today

Genesis offers athletes both individual and team-based training.

Individual athlete training gives you all the benefits of our personal training packages. In addition, every detail will be customised for your sports-specific needs. You’ll have a team of experts behind you all the way.

Team-based training is open to all sports teams. We work with the entire team to plan and execute a strength and conditioning regimen to prepare for competition season. This regimen is highly customisable. We will work hand-in-hand with the team captain and/or manager to give the team the best results possible.

Genesis Gym has consulted for athletes on national teams from various fields such as soccer, softball, basketball, rugby, ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, tennis and golf. We are confident we can provide your team with the best athlete training programme possible.

Get the best athlete training in the world

Genesis Gym gives you what you need to win

How are we different?

Other Sport Performance Programmes

Genesis Gym

Usage of a “one size fits all” approach that does not take the needs of different sports and different body types into account Customisation of your programmewith methods used by world record-holders and international athletes
Little to no understanding of the science of athlete development and peaking for competitions Helps you both peak for competition and develop long-term abilities for high-level success
Health, lifestyle and nutrition guidance is not included in your training plan Plans include nutrition and lifestyle habits to ensure you become a healthier athlete who performs better and is less injury-prone
Assignment to one trainer who has only one set of skills or experiences Guidance is provided on all aspects of training, using over 20 years of combined Genesis team experience as well as mentorship from Olympic coaches

‘Training a high-level athlete is the most complex job for a coach because there are definite, measureable outcomes that we want to accomplish. Energy and time are very limited, so every workout, every exercise and every ounce of energy an athlete uses must push them towards their goal. This is where the precise, systematic methods used at Genesis Gym give our athlete clients the edge.’

Master Coach Jon Wong
strength and conditioning personal training singapore

I had a fabulous time training with the Genesis Gym Singapore strength and conditioning team. Every session is a pleasure as the facilities are top notch, and the coaches are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Also, I like the fact that Genesis has very effective injury management and rehab techniques, which are an important part of any athlete's training programme, from foam rolling to trigger point release and even dry needling! No matter what your goals are, you can be sure coach Jon and his team will put in their 101% to help you achieve it in double quick time.

Jesper Chong Singapore National Floorball Team
personal trainer singapore

‘Genesis Gym is a really good gym and the trainers are amazing. I am leaner and stronger. I bat harder, sprint faster and throw further thanks to the customised, sports-specific programme at Genesis Gym.’

Dhavina Haresh National Women’s Cricket Team

The best method for preparing athletes holistically

Recommended by world record holders and international coaches
olympic strength conditioning singapore

Genesis Gym Singapore is one of a kind. Individualized health and conditioning programs, specific nutrition and supplements protocols and professional coaching are all key elements for a healthier and leaner new you. I'm happy to say that Genesis Gym has it all.

Eric Falstrault Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach
best gym singapore genesis

Genesis Gym, without doubt is the only gym to be at in Singapore. Their team has taken referrals from me and the feedback I have got back from clients has been fantastic. The Genesis coaching team is very knowledgeable and efficient in getting clients results – fast! They are the only gym in Singapore that I would ever refer to and I… cannot recommend them highly enough.

Rachel Guy Physiotherapist & Fitness Model
personal trainer singapore strength conditioning

Jonathan's team at Genesis Gym Singapore is without doubt one of the best coaching teams I know. Not only do they walk the walk, but are continually developing themselves. They also have the perfect mannerism and professional approach to share their knowledge with all the clients they come into contact with.

As a coach myself I would gladly have this team coach me, and Genesis Gym Singapore is the perfect environment to really achieve lasting results.

Genesis Gym's personal training staff should be the go to team for those who are serious about their health and physical development in Singapore, I only wish they were in the UK!

Tom Crudgington International Strength & Conditioning Coach, Bath, UK
personal trainer singapore

“Genesis Gym has the latest equipment that caters for the sports athlete, along with clients who are looking to improve their health, fitness and long-term well-being. It is one of the most sought-after gyms in Singapore and contains superior, state-of-the-art equipment. Clients also benefit from up-to-date knowledge and techniques from around the world at Genesis. Singapore, you are very lucky.”

Magdalena Lyle Head Strength Coach, United Arab Emirates Women’s Soccer Team
physical therapist, ART treatment singapore

Jonathan has built one of the highest caliber strength coaching teams around, and Singapore is lucky to have Genesis Gym. The dedication, passion and knowledge that they bring to the field is unparalleled, and they continues to grow better daily. I could only wish that we see more of the facilities like Genesis Gym Singapore being set-up, for people to set, accomplish and exceed their goals.

It has been my pleasure to meet Coach Jon and share the learning experiences with him. He’s one of the “good” guys in the fitness industry and I would not hesitate to recommend him and Genesis Gym to anyone looking to achieve their goals

Roland Mensikovas Physical Therapist, ART Practitioner, South Africa
personal trainer singapore genesis gym

Jonathan and the Genesis Gym team strive to make themselves better each and every day. I would happy to recommend athletes to learn and train at their gym in Singapore

Barbara Depta Stretching and Rehab Therapist, NFL's Baltimore Ravens
Strength coaching personal training singapore

"If you are a client of Genesis Gym and they say they can help you drop body fat, get stronger or achieve your goal, you’d better believe it cos they means it!! Looking on from the other side of the world, remarking what a fantastic set up Genesis Gym Singapore has, as a trainer, it's somewhere I’d love to train/be trained. Keep up the great work Genesis team.

Terry Hughes Rugby Strength And Conditioning Coach, UK
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