Who Else Finds It Hard To Stay Fit After Your Mid-30s?

The 6 Common Problems Are...

#1 - Less Lean Muscle

- Weaker Joints

- Slower Metabolism

- Weakened Immune System

#2 - Nagging Aches & Pain

- Harder To Enjoy Exercise

- Fear Of Injury

- Lower Activity Level

#3 - Changing Hormones

- Lower Energy
- Lower Sex Drive
- Lower Lean Muscle & Strength

#4 - Accumulated Stress

- All Cells Slow Down

- High Blood Sugar 

- Break Down Lean Muscle

#5 - Busy Schedule
- Lack Of Sleep
- Many Hours Under Stress
- No Time For Exercise

#6 - Metabolism Slowdown

- Lower Body Temperature
- Easier Weight Gain
- Harder Weight Loss

The Mid-Life Makeover Programme Solves Them ALL

This Programme Includes

Total Health
- Find Potential Injury Risk Factors
- Find Potential Health/Lifestyle Roadblocks
- Info To Design The Ideal Plan For You
Lean Muscle 
Building Programme
- Fix Posture Muscles To Minimize Injury
- Build The Right Muscles To Look Great
- High Efficiency, Minimal Time Needed
Stress Busting 
Cardiovascular Programme
- Deliver Oxygen To Cells For More Energy
- Boost Cardiovascular Fitness Effortlessly
- Just Minutes Per Day
Metabolism Boosting
Lifestyle Habits
- Burn More Fat "24/7" Without Excess Exercise
- Fix Digestion So You Detox Properly
- Learn How To Recover From Lifestyle Stress
Metabolism Boosting
Nutrition Plan
- Build A Diet That You Can Sustain
- Learn What "Health Foods" Harm You
- Use The Right Food To Burn Extra Calories
Habit Forming
Coaching & Support
- Learn Empowering Life Skills
- Home Workouts Provided
- No Rebound!


*Genesis Gym Testimonial Policy: Results may vary. They are based on individual circumstances and environment.

Time-frames for results are not guaranteed. Commitment to follow our coaching plans is always needed.

-“It was so frustrating to hit a weight loss plateau despite trying all the best health advice given to me elsewhere. With the Mid-Life Makeover Programme, my frustration was gone and I was finally able to make great progress."

David D, 42

-"With the Mid-Life Makeover Programme, I am able to stay fit even with my hectic schedule as a lawyer. I can even do 5 chin-ups now."

Ch​​​​armaine Su, 30

-"The Mid-Life Makeover Programme, gave me a comprehensive plan far beyond just my food and training. Sleep, stress management and mindset were all covered."

Rajashi Das, 38

personal trainer singapore

"Despite travelling a lot for work I was able to finally reduce my belly fat. I was given advice on food, nutrition, stretching, time management; everything you would need to be the best you can be. All of the team knew my name and shared my journey.”

Hugh Gunn, 56

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