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Holistic personal training programmes for effective results

Reach your health and fitness goals quickly & safely, even if you have old injuries, health conditions or past struggles


Science-backed and up-to-date techniques

You will benefit from world-class research and techniques when we design your ideal health and fitness programme.


Get customized training programmes

We draw from a variety of methods to tailor the perfect programme for your abilities and goals.


Receive nutrition and supplement advice

You’ll receive practical and effective advice on nutrition and supplements to transform your health.


Save time

We build precise programmes to maximize your workouts because we know you have limited time to exercise.


Experience continual improvement

We keep track of your progress towards your goals. We’ll make adjustments to your programme continually so you never stagnate.


Build lifelong, healthy habits

We educate, support and guide you to develop healthy habits for life. Your body continues working towards your goals even when you are outside the gym.

best personal trainer singapore

A father of young children, Xian Hong had a sedentary job but wanted to be in better shape for his family. Committed to making changes, he worked with Genesis Gym’s personal trainers and dropped more than 13kg of fat in 12 weeks. He’s fitter than he’s ever been before, and the best compliment came from his wife, who said “I have a brand new husband now!”

*your results may vary
best personal training singapore

Kevin found his strength and size stagnating for months despite training with other programmes. He didn’t think it was possible to improve until he joined the personal training program at Genesis Gym Singapore. In just 11 weeks with us, he gained almost 4kg of lean mass while dropping his body fat from 19% to 9%.

*your results may vary

Become a champion with us

Surprise yourself by breaking a new personal or world record
personal trainer singapore

Sarah Pang decided to make the brave choice to turn professional as the only Singapore female playing in the WTA tournaments. She chose Genesis Gym as the place for her to prepare physically for the rigors of being a professional athlete. Sarah also uses Genesis Posture Therapy to ensure that her joints and muscles are always in perfect alignment which maximizes strength, and minimizes injury risk.

*your results may vary
singapore personal training

Kim had hit a plateau in his bid to beat the world record for the number of pull-ups in one minute. After joining the holistic personal training programme at Genesis Gym Singaporehe managed 43 pull-ups and is now the Guinness Book of World Records holder for this event.

*your results may vary


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