4 Great Reasons To Join The Genesis Gym Personal Training Team

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Reason #1 - Industry leading mentorship And Guidance

  • You gain experience 10x faster than learning on your own 
  • Progress and workouts of over 1 Million hours of PT are recorded under an in-house training management system. So Genesis personal trainers QUICKLY learn what methods work for each kind of client.
  • You get active mentorship from senior coaches so you quickly gain professional skills and high personal standards. 

Reason #2 - culture of personal growth

  • Do you plan to be "just a trainer" for the next 30 years?
  • At Genesis Gym you are exposed to more responsibility and broader education to help you grow life long skills that benefit your work, family and long term success. 

Reason #3 - Work with motivated Clients

  • The Genesis Gym brand and company culture attracts positive, motivated clients. The way we present ourselves professionally, and the way we behave, attract people who are "like-us".
  • You don't have to burn emotional energy working with complainers or energy draining clients. 

Reason #4 - Mix Of Team And Individual Income Growth 

  • Your Income growth comes from multiple areas. 
    • Passing levels of Genesis Academy & showing proficiency as a coach
    • Increased operations or administrative responsibility
    • Monthly bonus for company level sales performance
    • Payouts 2x per year for personal efforts in making sales
  • These incentives are to
    • Avoid the toxic culture of "stealing" clients among trainers
    • Build a positive atmosphere for clients and coaches
    • Encourage the right balance of teamwork, as well as personal growth and personal responsibility. 
  • Support is provided in each of these areas to help you succeed (although you need to WANT this growth and success!)

Who Should Apply?

People who...

  • are serious about helping others achive life long fitness through proven scientific methods
  • are humble enough to learn but confident enough to contribute to the team
  • want to work and grow as a team while also being the best version of themselves
  • think they want a future in the fitness industry
  • already have a good foundation of personal habits and fitness (no need to be Mr/Ms Universe...but show basic levels of healthy appearance, strength and physical fitness)

How To Apply?

WhatsApp using the button (prefered), call +65 93374188, or email [email protected]. Please send

  • A full body photo in sports attire
  • your CV with character references
  • Videos of you performing strength training exercises like squats, deadlifts, presses and chin-ups.

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