By: Genesis Gym Founder, Jonathan Wong

“Genesis Gym's personal training promises to give busy people the life skills to achieve their personal fitness goals in a healthy way, without wasting hours in the gym!

You Can Call Us The "Myth-Busters" Of Health & Fitness.

It may surprise you to learn that fitness and health are NOT the same thing. They can be miles apart.

In fact,  after almost 20 years in this field, and falling for some of these falsehoods myself... I can confidently tell you that many parts of the fitness industry are actually fake or unhealthy. 

Which parts? Read on...

  • The super lean models pictured on magazines are photo-shopped. 
  • Many very lean, fit people look great on the outside, but have health issues that show up upon further testing.
  • The super tough exercise routines you see on social media are not necessary for most clients to achieve their goals. 
  • The restrictive diets recommended by most personal trainers actually lead to long term metabolism and health problems for many clients. 
  • The idea that one special diet, exercise routine, or supplement can produce results is a lie. 
  • An open secret is that almost all famous fitness celebrities, action movie stars and athletes from Arnold Schwarzenegger onward are on steroids and other drugs to maintain the body that is their brand and source of income. 
  • They do not tell you about the health side effects of such drug abuse. 
  • They just tell you that their diet or training knowledge is amazing. When in fact it is the drugs providing them an unfair advantage. 
  • Even the business of fitness has a lot of scams. Gyms collect "lifetime" membership fees then close down, taking your money.  Personal trainers sell coaching sessions which they cannot fulfill. Supplement companies sell products that will never do what they promise. 
  • And finally, most personal trainers do not educate clients, because they fear clients don’t buy training sessions when they are too well informed. 

We want the best for every client's results and long term health, so Genesis Gym does the opposite of all these things. 

A 100% authentic way.

The Genesis Gym Way.

Q: How do you know the Genesis Way works? 

A: Because It's Based On 3 Unchanging Pillars

1. Love For Clients

Client Empowerment Through Individual Coaching & Community Events

  • Non-stop encouragement, education, and support for clients. It's like "tuition" for health and fitness. 
  • An entire team supporting each client. Much better than any single coach could. 
  • Professional and caring environment. Parents would feel comfortable having their children train here.

2. Professional Knowledge & Continuous Learning

Year-Round Team Education Sessions

  • The Genesis Gym senior team has logged over 527,450km of travel to 27 different cities so far. Just to learn the best methods to help clients. And this number is rising yearly.
  • All coaches do a minimum of 480 hours of hands on learning before designing client programmes. Almost 50X the industry average. (Most personal training courses have less than 10 hours.)
  • All our coaches are kept up-to-date through weekly team education sessions.

3. Track Record Of Success

Helping Xu Xin Become World #1 (Table Tennis)

  • Genesis Gym started over 13 years ago before personal training in Singapore was popular.
  • By now (2019) we have done over 1 MILLION personal training sessions. Recording data about which methods will work best for different clients. 
  • No matter if you are new to exercise, have struggles in the past, or are trying to become a world champion. We will build the right programme to give you success.

Genesis Gym Methods & Clients Have Been Featured In

Genesis Gym Health Talks Have Been Presented At

The Genesis Gym Story

I started Genesis Gym 13+ years ago in a small 600 sq foot space.

From the start I have always placed client results and health first. And thankfully we still have clients from that gym training with us till this day. 

Today Genesis Gym has 3 locations in Singapore. A total of over 10,000 sqft of training space for our personal training clients. As well as an online coaching platform in China where over 50 million people have seen our video content.

First Genesis Gym at River Valley. 2006

Global Reach While Maintaining Personal Care 

I think is good that my team and I have a desire for global reach. Because Singapore is a global city. That means that we need to compete at a world class, global level. After all, Singapore personal training clients can fire us, and hire an online coach from any other country instead! 

So it's a good thing continuous learning is a passion of mine, which I try to pass on to the entire team. Only increased skill can keep us on the leading edge of the industry. 

In line with staying ahead, we are moving into more use of technology and education to help people who may not be able to visit a Genesis Gym location often. My team an I developed a variety of programmes that can serve your needs even if you don't live or work near a Genesis Gym location. 

Parents Are Comfortable Sending Children To Train In Our Professional Environment

As a person who has spent hours stuck in traffic in Singapore or Beijing I know that convenience is a major factor in personal training client success! 

But the danger of "tech" is that people may overestimate what it can and cannot do.

Learning proper exercise, rehab, or movement skills is like learning martial arts.

You can't watch Kung Fu Panda and say you know Kung Fu! You need a skilled teacher to experience the programme correctly.

The team of Singapore personal trainers that I mentor at Genesis Gym need to be good teachers first and foremost. 

l also never want to lose the human touch, and professional care that has helped Genesis Gym succeed all these years.

That's why even our online programmes have many options to stay in contact with your personal trainer. To help make sure you get the results you want. And to give our fitness coaching team the information we need to help you overcome any obstacles you face. 

Every Dumbbell Is The Same

When I think about what makes Genesis Gym different, I realize that every 10kg dumbbell or stationary bicycle is the same in any gym anywhere in the world.

And I also realized that  for most clients, lack of equipment is not the reason they have not been able to achieve their goals. 

Something is missing either in their training programme, nutrition, lifestyle habits, environment, or mindset. 

Genesis Gym's Coaching Helps High Level Trainees Continue To Make Progress

The value of the coaching team is in giving you the methods, and the mindset to overcome any obstacles on your way to your fitness goals.

I Always Say: 

"If you are young, fit, and genetically talented, any gym is fine. You will still get results.

But if you are busy, have chronic health issues, struggled in the past OR have a specific goal and cannot afford to fail,

Genesis Gym's personal training is the way to go."

So check out Genesis Gym's personal training programmes and free downloadable resources and I'm sure that there is something here that can help you improve your fitness today. 

Many blessings in strength, happiness and health!

Jonathan Wong, 


Genesis Gym Singapore

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