Thank you for your interest in the Intense Body Transformation Programme!

Hi, I'm Jonathan Wong, the founder of Genesis Gym Singapore.
My team and I designed the Intense Body Transformation Programme to help those who are serious about their physique or sports performance.

Please read on to find out how the Intense Body Transformation Programme works.
(It's much more than asking you to train more, use dangerous exercises and super heavy weights.)

Here Is Your Step-By-Step Transformation Plan

Step #1 - Initial Consultation

We will find out more about your goals, schedule, exercise experience, medical history and more.

So we can help you avoid potential roadblocks and wasted time.

Step #2 - 1st Assessment

We will do a posture, movement, body-fat, muscle control, and joint flexibility assessment.

With this information we can design training programmes that help you maximize your potential while minimizing injury risk. 

Step #3 - Customized Programme Design

Once we know more about you we can design a programme that helps you achieve your goal. Check out this behind the scenes video of the design process.

Step #4 - Guided Workouts

The Genesis Gym team will guide you through your training programme one workout at a time. 

You will track your sessions in our patented app, and you can see your progress week to week. 

Step #5 - Education And Support

Our team will work with you to build great lifestyle and nutrition habits. These habits support your transformation goals both inside and outside the gym. 

Step #6 - Re-Assessment

Every workout we make day-to-day adjustments to your plan. But every 4 weeks we do a complete re-assessment to track your progress. 

This data is used to design your next set of training and nutrition plans. 

Repeat Step #2 to #6 Until You Reach Your Goals

You make consistent progress and reach your transformation goals in a safe, scientific way.

Let's Get Started

First, Please Watch The Video Below

You will learn about every component of the Intense Body Transformation coaching package. 

You will learn about the package pricing.

You will also learn how we stay competitive while delivering world class quality and unmatched value at the same time.

Next, Schedule A Visit

I don't expect you to trust us with your body transformation from a simple web page!

So if you found the pricing and value of the coaching package right for you, I personally welcome you to take the next step and schedule a visit to the gym location nearest you. 


354 Alexandra Road, Alexis #01-06, S159948


17 Philips St, Grand Building #09-01, S048695

865 Mountbatten Rd, Katong Shopping Centre Annex Block #04-01, S437844

During This Visit We Will:

  • Learn more about your goals
  • Answer your questions
  • Introduce ourselves to you
  • And yes, ask you to sign up and begin your Intense Body Transformation!
  • But there is ZERO obligation or hard sell (We hate annoying sales tactics just as much as you do!)

3 Ways To Reserve Your Time Slot At Your Preferred Location:

Method #1 - Use Our Online Booking System (Fastest)

Method #2 - Click The Icon To Contact Us Using WhatsApp

Method #3 - Request A Phone Call

Finally, Get Ready!

Before your visit, we will review any health history information you have provided, and our team will prepare for potential questions you may have. 

We will also send you more information about the visit and what to bring along.

The team and I look forward to meeting you!

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