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Get started the right way immediately

Taking that first step towards your fitness goals can be intimidating. Let us put you at ease by showing you how we use safe, science-based training and nutrition plans to put you on the path to success immediately.


See and feel results within 21 days

Follow our customized training and nutrition plan, and you will look and feel fitter in 21 days.


Unlimited support from our professional team

We know that teamwork leads to greater success. Our team is “on-call” to guide you through the critical first few weeks of your fitness transformation.

Genesis Gym has transformed over 10,000 clients’ lives in Singapore

Every success story started with a programme like the 21-Day Smart Start Challenge
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JM is a busy professional and father. He needed a programme to burn fat and build muscle while juggling his hectic schedule. JM also had high blood pressure and a meniscus tear. After 16 weeks of personal training with Genesis Gym Singapore, he transformed himself. He’s now in the best shape of his life.

-‘I’m a walking advert for Genesis Gym. I don’t say anything – people just ask me how I got these results!’
*your results may vary
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Srividya joined us with a large amount of weight to lose. She also had many health conditions, including pre-diabetes and hormonal imbalances. The step-by-step dietary changes and supplementation plan recommended by Genesis Gym’s Singapore personal trainers helped her overcome her nutritional deficiencies. Srividya also dropped 34kg of fat in just 24 weeks without any side effects or dangerous low-calorie diets.

-‘I had a total life transformation and I know that the habits I built in these six months can stay with me forever.’
*your results may vary
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Wee Liang was extremely busy with work and doing a post graduate degree at the same time. But with the help of Genesis Gym’s Singapore personal trainers, he built habits that helped him  accomplish his fitness goals. He lost 15% fat and gained 4kg of lean muscle in just 16 weeks

-‘I am so happy that I was able to get lean and see my abs for the first time ever.’
*your results may vary

What's included in your 21-Day Smart Start Challenge?

Everything you need to fast-track your way to success

21-Day Smart Start kit

The 21-day smart start kit is a reference guide for you to take home. It includes illustrated guides and checklists of everything you need to do to maximize the results of your 21 day challenge. We have found that it helps clients form new habits and keep them successfully.

Comprehensive assessment

Our comprehensive assessment is part of the Smart Start Challenge. We want to make sure we know enough about you to design the ideal training programme and nutrition plan.

Customized training and nutrition plans

We take your goals and assessment results into account to design a training programme that will be challenging and rewarding but also safe and sustainable.

Dedicated support team

Our team knows that the first few weeks of any fitness challenge can be the toughest. For many people, this is the first time they are doing systematic, science-based training. It is also the first time they are trying to improve their diet and lifestyle step-by-step.

Our coaching team will be with you every step of the way to guide you to success. You can ask questions in person, by private message or in the “Genesis Community”, our friendly private Facebook group.

Unlimited Training Included

Your smart start package includes unlimited training at Genesis Gym. Our personal trainers will guide you through every workout and help you train effectively and safely according to your personalized programme. Yes, unlimited training sessions under the guidance of our coaching team are included to help you learn proper exercise technique quickly and safely.

Minimal Risk

We know that starting a total health transformation can sound intimidating. That is why the Smart Start Challenge allows you to experience the world class coaching and guidance that is only available at Genesis Gym. You will see results and can know for sure that Genesis Gym will be able to get you to your goals – just like thousands before you.

‘The 21 day smart start challenge was designed to take the anxiety, fear and risk out of starting a fitness and health transformation. It is a programme designed to introduce healthy lifestyle habits, and perfect exercise technique to new members in a safe and positive way so that they are inspired to continue the journey to their ultimate goals.’

Master Coach Jon Wong

No more excuses. Change your life today.

Over 10,000 clients have done it. When is it your turn?

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Charmaine had tried crash diets and weight loss supplements with no results. At Genesis Gym Singapore we gave her personalized guidance and a sustainable lifestyle and nutrition plan. She dropped 11kg of weight and 14kg of fat, and can now do three chin-ups! Most importantly, despite her busy career as a lawyer, she’s maintained her healthy habits.

-‘I tried crash diets and excessive cardio with no results. But with the Genesis programme I am able to stay fit even with my hectic schedule.’
*your results may vary
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Daniel had gained more than 20kg of unwanted weight during his 15 years as a finance professional. He came to us with low energy and significantly high levels of bad cholesterol. With the support and guidance of Genesis Gym’s Singapore personal trainers, he dropped all his excess fat within four months and received a perfect score for cholesterol in his next health check.

-‘Not only did I lose all my excess weight, I am also stronger than I was 15 years ago when I was a competitive canoeist. More importantly, my health improved by leaps and bounds and I only have Genesis Gym to thank for that.’
*your results may vary
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Preeth had tried many weight loss methods without success. Unfortunately these unsafe methods damaged her overall health. We focused on restoring her sleep quality, female hormone balance and detoxification pathways so that she was finally able to burn fat in a healthy way. She dropped 16kg of fat and gained 4kg of lean mass in 16 weeks. A truly amazing result, given her starting health conditions.

-‘I tried countless ways of losing weight and had no results. Genesis Gym’s personal training program was the only method with a holistic approach that solved not only my weight loss issues, but sleep issues as well!’
*your results may vary

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