Genesis Transformations – Jennifer Lombard

by Jasmine Tan, 16 August, 2017

“In the past, I would just give up, but now I use the tools I’ve learned at Genesis Gym to keep going – and this is a very powerful and positive feeling of empowerment. I’ve learned to forgive myself and to love myself much more than I did before.”

(Jenny Lombard, 48, Genesis Gym Alexis)

Jenny’s Story:

I’ve been training with Genesis Gym since September 2014. After 3 months of settling into our new life in Singapore, I felt it was time to get back into shape. Although my health was OK, I really wasn’t happy with the way I felt or looked. It has been 3 months of not exercising and I really wanted to tone up and lose some weight.


I decided that merely feeling OK was no longer good enough and it was time to make some changes. I knew that exercise and proper diet are the key components to a healthier lifestyle but I also knew I needed help from an expert to set me on the right track.

Before coming to Singapore, I was training at a boxing gym. Even though I loved boxing, I decided to take the opportunity to try something completely different – personal training. While most people around me thought that weights training was mainly for men into body-building, I wanted to give it a go and see how far personal training would bring me towards my own fitness goal.

The Genesis Gym environment is very welcoming and all thanks to Coach Chris who really made sure I felt comfortable straight away. I knew immediately that Genesis Gym is exactly what I was looking for in a gym.

I began seeing subtle changes within the first few weeks – my clothes were fitting better and I was really having a better overall sense of well-being. 6 months into training and people around me started noticing changes in my physique and posture. I was sleeping better and found myself much more organized during the day and much less prone to stress.


And with Genesis Gym, I quickly learned that weights training is not just a men’s-only thing, and truly benefited as a woman who just wants to tone up on the outside and feel awesome on the inside.

If you are unhappy with the way you look and feel, then do something about it. I’ve learned that you have to want to change and nobody can do that for you. I have tried all sorts of weight loss programmes in the past and always looked for easy solutions and none of them have worked in the long term.

Since joining Genesis Gym, I have learned that it really doesn’t matter how long it takes you to reach your goals or if there are slip-ups along the way. In the past, I would just give up, but now I use the tools I’ve learned here to keep going – and this is a very powerful and positive feeling of empowerment. I’ve learned to forgive myself and to love myself much more than I did before.


And now, 3 years on, family and friends who have not seen me for a few years can hardly recognize me! Not only do they notice the changes in my physical appearance, but also my positive demeanor. The transformation with Genesis has been truly remarkable – both inside and out.


If Genesis Gym were a person, I would really describe them as a Best Friend – someone who is there to give support, advice, guidance and provide a watchful eye to help me make the right choices in my fitness journey. Someone who is non-judgmental during the times that I falter and who is always there to empower with the right tools to look good and feel good about myself.


Through Genesis Gym, I learned that there is no such thing as quick fixes for your health and fitness. The key to achieving your goals is consistency. Consistency in both physical training and more importantly, consistency in overall nutrition habits.


I value my family but I’ve also learned to prioritise my own health over the last 3 years. Only when I am healthy, it puts me a better position to take care of my loved ones and their needs. Under the caring and knowledgeable coaching of the Genesis team of coaches, I’ve gained much more energy and strength and I’m looking better than I did 3 years ago. I believe this transformation journey is an ongoing one. I know that I need to continue with this healthy lifestyle if I want to achieve my life goals.


Thank you, Genesis Gym, for being my best friend in this fitness journey. Thank you for seeing me through and empowering me to become better versions of myself strength to strength, session to session. And for that, a very heartfelt thank you to Genesis and the team.


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