Genesis Transformations – Eswari G

by Jasmine Tan, 29 August, 2017

“Every time I work out, I surprise myself with the milestones that I achieve – the weights keep increasing and the reps keep going up! Genesis Gym doesn’t just train you physically but mentally. And nothing seems impossible now.”

(Eswari G, 27, Genesis Gym Eunos)

Eswari’s Story:

Some of you would know me as Shruti Bhaskar on the Channel 5 series, Tanglin.

But being a TV personality is really not just the glitz and glamour, it also means keeping up with the image that is required for the particular role that you’re in – whether this means that you need to be toned and lean or even chubby and out of shape.

My fitness goal was to be toned, not skinny but fit.I have tried personal training elsewhere before but it didn’t really work out for me. I felt the trainer didn’t really understand what needed to be done for me to reach my ideal physique.

I’ve also followed fitness videos on Instagram and tried them out on my own. Yes, there were improvements after that but they were very minor.

I wanted more. I needed a push. I felt that my own efforts were not enough. I felt that I wasn’t seeing vast improvements that I expected to see. 

When I first started with Genesis, I felt that I was very much in control of my overall health and physique. But it’s only after going through the first programme that the coaches customised for me, that I realise, Hey! I could do so much more.


I am definitely someone who likes to be in control of every situation in my life and I’m not one whom some might call, a “girly princess”. So I’m really happy that the coaches really pushed me to break personal records and push myself that much more at every session at the gym. This feeling is both empowering and invigorating. 

I must say, that I was pretty nervous during my first consultation at the gym. I could hear people panting, pushing themselves and I could hear the trainers at the top of their voices shouting “Push! Push! Push!”.


I knew this isn’t a place for quitters! I loved the atmosphere! You knew there was not going to be any escaping from the keen eyes of all the coaches there. Just when you think the coaches are not looking at you, there is probably another one at some corner keeping an eye! To me, this meant Genesis Gym is the perfect fit for me.

I’m really pleased with how Genesis Gym documents their clients’ fitness journey in a very systematic and detailed manner. And at every interval, the same coach will measure and take pictures to track the progress.

I’ve compared myself now with a picture I took 2 years ago when I was training on my own. And there’s definitely a massive difference in my physique – I don’t look skinny anymore. Instead, I looked fitter, I felt stronger. And best of all, I felt more confident when I wear curve-hugging dresses!


Working out at Genesis Gym has become a part of my lifestyle, despite the erratic filming schedules. I value the importance of not just looking good but feeling good so no matter how busy and hectic things get, I make time for the gym.

Every time I work out, I surprise myself with the milestones that I achieve – the weights keep increasing and the reps keep going up! Genesis Gym doesn’t just train you physically but mentally. And nothing seems impossible now.


In some ways, Genesis Gym is like a boyfriend who loves you and wants what’s best for you. And in that respect, I feel that I actually spend a lot of time at the gym – I actually feel something is missing when I miss a training session. That’s the relationship that I have with Genesis Gym and it’s definitely worth it.


I feel that at this point in my life, everything has fallen very nicely in place in terms of balancing valuable moments with my family and friends, prioritising my health and doing what I love. I am happy with my fitness transformation so far, thanks to Genesis Gym.

But I’m also a girl who likes to keep pushing herself and I know, with the help of Genesis Gym, I’ll achieve even greater heights. My mantra is this: you only have body and it is the only thing worth investing in. And by keeping your body healthy now, it will surely thank you in the years to come.

So thanks to the coaches at Genesis Gym, for giving me that spark to keep pushing physical boundaries and achieving milestones I never dreamed were possible before.


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