Genesis Transformations – Calvin Boon

by Jasmine Tan, 14 August, 2017


“I was turned down for an insurance policy because of elevated liver markers in my blood test. Further tests showed that it was fatty liver. I was only 38.”

(Calvin Boon, 41, Genesis Gym Eunos)

Calvin’s Story

I first started training with Genesis back in 2015. And I was not in a good shape at all. I was significantly overweight and my body fat was in an unhealthy range of 33%.

A couple of years before that, I suffered a serious injury to my ACL on my right knee while playing soccer. I had to stop soccer permanently and the inactivity led to the significant weight gain.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was when I was turned down for an insurance policy because of elevated liver markers in my blood test. A first in my then-38 years of life.

Further tests showed that it was fatty liver. That woke me up. I needed to get fit and fix my ACL.  So, I went through 2 surgeries on my ACL because of complications and 6-8 months of physiotherapy.

Despite the surgeries and the physiotherapy, I was still not able to return to 100% and my weight and health markers did not improve.

Before signing up with Genesis Gym, I have been doing a bit of gym training myself but didn’t see the results I wanted. More importantly, I didn’t know if I was having the correct techniques. Given my weak right leg, I also wasn’t 100% sure with how to train safely and effectively too.

That’s when I decided enough is enough. And started to look for a personal training gym that can help me reach my fitness goal to reduce my body fat to 15% and of course, getting rid of that belly.

I realized that I needed to do something about the state I was in, not just for myself, but for my family and loved ones around me.

I wanted to partner a gym that is not only effective in getting results but also professional and attentive to my concerns. Most importantly, the methods need to be tried and tested, and not another fad!


With Genesis Gym, I was amazed at the amount of personal attention that was given to every single client. Right from the very first consultation, I was impressed with the attention to detail that was given to me. I knew then, that Genesis Gym not only walked the talk but also has the right amount of tools and expertise to help me get to where I want to be in life.

During my training, coaches are very eager to help to make sure that I get into the correct form and every single coach is very knowledgeable.

I also enjoy that the Genesis Gym clients are normal folks like me from all walks of life, that also had similar struggles as I did. And this made a difference to me – I felt like I fit right in.


Within 4-6 months into my programme, I lost a whooping 11% of body fat and shaved off 3-inches off my waistline. What’s more, I started sleeping better and my energy levels came up. I felt much stronger than I have ever been before.

I also gained back most of the motion range in my injured knee range and there was significant improvements in strength and stability.

Importantly, the latest ultra sound shows NO MORE fatty liver. My blood profile is the best in years with cholesterol levels at the healthy range of 110 and significantly lower levels of triglycerides.


Genesis Gym has truly transformed me, not just in my physical appearance and health markers, it has made me a more confident person. I am a stronger person than I was 15 years ago. In fact, I can do more pull-ups now than I can manage even in my army days!

Plus, I was able to lift my wife again without breaking any sweat – I was truly in the fittest I’ve ever been in years.


What impressed me with Genesis Gym’s personal training method, with was the deliberate, intentional planning of a programme that moved me towards my goal. Another important aspect was the emphasis that the coaches put on posture and nutrition.

What also keeps me coming to Genesis is this level of professionalism of the coaches, the sincerity of the coaches to improve your health, the companionship in training offered by them and that constant pushing to hit new highs in fitness.

Signing up with Genesis Gym 2 years ago has been a complete lifestyle change for me, and in the best way possible. I am truly proud of what I’ve achieved together with Genesis Gym and it is the longest fitness programme that I’ve been sticking to. I intend to continue with Genesis Gym in achieving my next milestone of reaching 13% body fat!

My family and friends have all been amazed at what I’ve achieved. I’m also very humbled by how the changes in me have inspired others to want to take charge of their health too.

To those around me who are still hesitating, I encourage you to stop procrastinating, just get it done! Don’t underestimate the value of having a team of good and knowledgeable coaches, a good customized training and nutrition programme that Genesis Gym provides.

I feel that my transformation has only just begun. With this, I would like to say to Jonathan, Jen and the coaches that your contribution is not just making a difference in my life but it is rippling through the connections in my life. A big thank you for a thoroughly transformational 2 years. I am all in now for making “Mr 13%” a reality.

Thank you again Genesis! You have been amazing!

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