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Sarah Pang

Sarah Pang decided to make the brave choice to turn professional as the only Singapore female playing in the WTA tournaments. She chose Genesis Gym as the place for her to prepare physically for the rigors of being a professional athlete. Sarah also uses Genesis Posture Therapy to ensure that her joints and muscles are always in perfect alignment which maximizes strength, and minimizes injury risk.

“Genesis Gym supports my professional tennis career by customising my strength and conditioning programme to my very specific needs. No gimmicks – only an incredible amount of attention, care, and faith in my abilities. Because of my dedicated team of coaches, I have consistently broken my personal bests on the Women’s Pro Circuit. I will forever owe the Genesis team a debt of gratitude for their commitment to my success as a high-performance athlete.”

- Sarah Pang

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Joey Lynn Mussleman is a competitive triathlete who has placed top 10 in the world for the ladies masters division. She came to Genesis Gym to help her stay injury free and perform better in races. The Genesis team helped her recover from a slip disk and knee pain using Genesis Posture Therapy.

“Genesis is full of knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring coaches. It’s a fantastic place to train and get results – I wouldn’t train anywhere else in Singapore!”

- Joey Lynn Mussleman

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Jesper Chong is a member of the Singapore national floorball team. He came to Genesis Gym to build muscle and strength to compete in international level floorball. The Genesis team also used posture correction therapy to fix his nagging knee, back and foot injuries.

‘I had a fabulous time training with the Genesis Gym Singapore strength and conditioning team. Every session is a pleasure as the facilities are top notch, and the coaches are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Also, I like the fact that Genesis has very effective injury management and rehab techniques, which are an important part of any athlete’s training programme, from foam rolling to trigger point release and even dry needling! No matter what your goals are, you can be sure coach Jon and his team will put in their 101% to help you achieve it in double quick time.’

- Jesper Chong

Lynn Lee

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Lynn is a pilot with the Singapore Armed Forces. She came to Genesis Gym to help her recover from an ACL reconstruction. We helped her recover fully from her injury and improved her health and fitness levels, allowing her to pass her pilot selection test with flying colours.

-“The training programme helped me to become physically stronger and mentally sharper. This is a place with an awesome training environment and coaches with the vision to guide you and passion to motivate you as well.”

- Lynn Lee

Wee Xuan

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“A doctor told me I had patella tendinitis. He told me just to rest but after six months the pain was still there. I was not able to squat, jump or play sports. But after just one treatment, I am totally pain free and can resume training”

- Neo Wee Xuan


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-“I wasted thousands of dollars on pills and treatment for my knee pain over the last 5 years. But within 15 mins of treatment its gone. I am so happy!”

- Yenwati

Alex Low

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“A old shoulder injury prevented me from doing shoulder exercises for at least six months. But after one treatment I am able to shoulder workouts pain free.”

- Alex Loh


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“My knees have been very painful for the last six months after straining them at a soccer game. But with one amazing treatment, they are pain free and I’m able to squat and run again. This is the fastest fix ever.”

- Prasad Paramajothi

Benny Loke

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“I have had shoulder and arm pain for years. This has stopped me from exercising properly. But with less than half an hour of treatment I am able to lift and move pain-free!”

- Benny Loke

Pete Fischer

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“After just one treatment on my knee and elbow I was able to set personal bests in my weightlifting exercises .”

- Pete Fischer

Kyle Sansom

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“I hurt my shoulder playing volleyball and was not able to attend training or do any exercise. But with just two treatments of 5 mins each, I was able to regain pain-free, full movement.”

- Kyle Sansom

Glenn Stewart

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“My back had been bothering me for a long time, but in under 10 mins of treatment the pain is totally gone.”

- Glenn Stewart


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“I developed a chronic knee injury after years of training. But within one treatment it was completely gone and I could squat heavy weights pain free.”

- Melvin Chia

Peggy Tan

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“On one session, the knee pain that had been bothering me for years is gone!”

- Peggy Tan

Jeffrey Lee

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“In just one day after the treatment I have much less tightness and pain. I’m also able to squat down pain free.”

- Jeffrey Lee


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“My knee and elbow have been stopping me from doing exercise for months. But after one treatment I was able to climb stairs and lift weights normally .”

- Yew Kok

Kelly Martinovich

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“Within one treatment, I was able to have pain free knees and the ability to squat comfortably.”

- Kelly Martinovich

Angela Taylor

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“Despite visits to the doctor and 5 sessions of physio, my back did not improve. But with just one treatment at Genesis it’s great, I’m very happy to be pain free.”

- Angela Taylor

Khoo Kah Yin

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“I was having trouble performing daily activities comfortably because of my back strain. But with one 5 minute treatment I felt totally loose and pain free.”

- Khoo Kah Yin


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“My knees were injured during a soccer game and I had problems climbing stairs and squatting. But with a few minutes of treatment at Genesis, I can squat comfortably.”

- Darren Tan

Wen Wei

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“I had a knee injury from basketball for more than 4 months. It did not get better even with rest. But after just one treatment of a few minutes, I was able to bend my knee and squat without discomfort.”

- Wen Wei

Desmond Varo

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“I had a meniscus injury from soccer. After surgery I went to Genesis for rehab. We used very advanced treatment and exercise techniques to help me get back to playing faster than I could have imagined.”

- Desmond Varo

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