Genesis Gym Fitness Transformations – Stian Hallan

by Jasmine Tan, 30 August, 2017

Personal training fitness transformation: “I’ve had 3 surgeries on my left knee -and the Genesis coaches knew exactly what to do to help strengthen it and make sure I train safely. I know I can train with ease, knowing that the coaches have full control of my training programme and push myself even further.”

(Stian Hallan, Genesis Gym Raffles Place)


Hi, my name is Stian Hallan and I’ve been training with Genesis Gym since June 2016.

I have always been a very active person from young, participating in different kinds of competitive sports from handball to soccer and a smaller mostly North European sport called bandi. I was competing at the youth level across different countries in Europe back in the day.

I recognize the importance of staying fit not just for the sake of excelling these sports but also as a form to keep myself physically healthy and mentally focused in my daily activities.

I feel that I have always been rather “well-built” and my fitness goal is to get leaner and stronger. I have trained on my own in the past, but it is so easy to fall out of discipline and take the easier route of skipping certain days and shortening the workout sessions at times when I just don’t feel like pushing myself.

I’ve then tried training with a personal trainer elsewhere thinking maybe he could help me get into a fixed routine. But again, didn’t feel like I was getting the progress I wanted.


Before I joined Genesis Gym, I never knew there was such a thing as a customized training programme. To me, strength training was just about pushing yourself each time you’re in the gym, increasing the weights each time and see how far you can go.

So you can imagine my surprise when I walked into Genesis Gym for the first time, hearing the ticking of the metronome and seeing how detailed, Malcolm, my consulting coach, was in understanding my current state of health and physique before we even started doing anything!

Having trained in quite a number of different gyms, I am very impressed with the setup at Genesis. It has all the equipment needed for success. The coaches are very knowledgeable, and focus primarily on having correct posture and technique right from the beginning, then moving on to heavier weights once you have the correct form.


The detail given to achieve precision is incredibly impressive. I was humbled by every correction that was made in the first few sessions and at the same time, encouraged by how much attention the coaches paid to make sure that I was training safely. They took good care to help me strengthen my weak knee, as I’ve had 3 surgeries on my left knee injured during football.

With some small corrections by the coaches over time, my strength has improved quickly and then the physical results follow. I started at 25% body fat and am now down to 20%, thanks to the Genesis team.

I am staying on with Genesis Gym because I know I can train with ease, knowing that the coaches have full control of my training programme. With this in the back of my mind, I knew I could push myself further, but within the safety boundaries set by Coach Malcolm.

My end goal is 12-15% body fat and get back the abs that I had in my 20s. And I believe I’m well on my way there with Genesis.

But the most important thing for me is to continue on the path I’m on and that is to eat and live healthy for myself and my family.I’m sure there are a number of guys and girls out there who are training on your own, like how I used to, and not seeing the results that you want. Trust me, it’s not because you have plateaued. It’s most likely you aren’t getting the expert advice that is tailored to what YOU need.

Even if you are a beginner or experienced in the gym, we can all learn more about our self, about how to train correctly and eat correctly to get to our goals. Genesis Gym is like a family, who cares about you and your targets, and will do whatever they can to help you reach them.


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