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Most group trainings consist of people running around in a park using basic equipment like rubber bands and standard techniques like bodyweight exercises.Or they do a random “workout of the day” written on a board that everyone is supposed to follow.

So it’s no surprise that they either stagnate or injure themselves. They aren’t following a science-based plan, and no one is tracking their progress. In addition, outdoor workouts can be limited by weather, and most indoor facilities do not have enough equipment for everyone to workout properly.

None of this happens at Genesis Gym. Our Smart Group training programmes have totally re-defined the way group training is done.

How is Smart Group training different from every other group fitness class out there?

  • “One size fits all” training classes? Not at Genesis. Our groups each have a specific goal—for example, fat-burning or muscle-building. Everything from the exercises, rest periods and nutrition plan is aimed at that goal.
  • Ever been stuck waiting for that pair of 10kg dumbbells? Not to fear!We have 7 pairs of each weight even in our smaller centres. Our groups use fully equipped gyms, which means that lack of equipment is never an issue.
  • Rain cutting short your outdoor bootcamp class? Never a problem at Genesis Gym’s Smart Group trainings. We do it all indoors for a completely climate-controlled experience.

These factors, along with ourpositive training environment, caring and knowledgeable coaches, and software system that tracks your personal progress, make Genesis Smart Group training the method of choice for clients who are serious about results.

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