Genesis Fitness System - Providing the Best Personal Training in Singapore

genesis fitness systemTo provide the best personal training in Singapore we use the Genesis Fitness System. It is unique because it employs continual assessment so you make progress towards your health and fitness goals safely and effectively.

We understand that ‘fitness’ means different things to different people. For a person with joint pain or chronic illness, it may mean being able to get up and play with their children. For the busy professional, it may mean getting back into the shape and energy level of their youth. For an athlete, it may mean performing better in competition.

During your initial consultation, senior members of our coaching team will learn more about your objectives, needs and medical history. This helps us appropriately tailor our programme to your goals.

To provide the best personal training program for you, we need to know your current starting point.

We believe that ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’. Upon joining our programme, you’ll go through a series of tests.

These will help us give you the ideal nutrition plan, exercises and training schedule for your goals and situation. We will take a comprehensive health and nutrition history. We will also test you for flexibility, movement, digestion, body acidity and body fat.

Additional tests (such as posture alignment, hormone testing, genetic testing and muscle function testing) are available. These are for clients with either advanced goals or more serious health problems or injuries.

After steps 1 and 2, we’ll know quite a lot about your goals and health situation. From this information we will design your first training plan. This will include exactly what to do in the gym, what habits to build at home and at work, what kind of nutrition plan to follow, what supplements may help you and what kinds of stretching or rehab exercises to perform.
Next comes your first training session. Here is where you can begin thinking of Genesis as your educational centre for lifelong health and fitness.
Our coaching team will take you through your entire programme. We’ll teach you exactly how to do each exercise, stretch and movement for maximum safety and effectiveness. We have two goals – the first is to save you time by making each training session as beneficial as possible. The second is to teach you habits and skills you’ll keep for life.
Every few weeks we will reassess and adjust your programme and nutrition plan. This constant change in stimulus challenges your body to keep making progress.

The coaching process at Genesis is built on two-way communication. Our team will suggest science-based exercises, foods and lifestyle habits that have been effective for thousands of our clients with the same goals as you. But we know each person is different. That’s why we ask for feedback at each session to see how we can better customise your programme to you.

Holistic, Customised Programmes at a Fraction of the Cost

To provide the best personal training in Singapore, we need to do what other programs do not.

Most other personal trainers, gyms and group classes in Singapore have no overall system or plan. So most of their members end up doing one of two things.

  1. They may do the same thing over and over again, which leads to stagnation.
  2. They may train randomly, which leads to inconsistent progress, greater risk of injury and unsatisfactory outcomes.

The Genesis Fitness System overcomes all these problems. We consistently help every client get outstanding results.

Your membership includes your initial assessment, future re-assessments, programme design, nutrition plan, injury management plan, gym membership, and training sessions with Genesis Gym’s Singapore personal trainers.

All these benefits are rolled into one holistic, customized programme at a fraction of the cost of buying them separately. This makes the Genesis Fitness System the ideal method for you to achieve your fitness or athletic goals.

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