Meet our Team - The Best Personal Trainers In Singapore

Founder, Coach Jonathan Wong

‘Coach Jon’, as he is known by Genesis clients, has a never-ending passion to find ways to help clients achieve their goals. He has accumulated a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience in almost every field of health and fitness. His background ranges from a doctorate in holistic medicine to studying with the world’s foremost experts in anatomy, rehabilitation, postural correction, strength training and athlete development. Jon has more than 40 industry-related certifications, mentorships and courses.

Jon firmly believes in continuous progress for the benefit of his team as well as Genesis Gym’s clients. His main focus is on educating the Genesis Gym team to be the best personal trainers in Singapore. That’s why he has distilled his knowledge into our staff training programme, the Genesis Academy. This ensures a consistently high level of service among the team at Genesis Gym.

Because of his strong reputation in the international arena of health and fitness, Jon has been featured on the radio, in print and on television.  His appearances include The Guinness Book of World Records, Channel NewsAsia and Starhub TV. He regularly contributes his knowledge and experience in articles for Yahoo! Singapore. Jon is also the author of the book The Happy Body.

Centre Managers

You can be certain you’re in good hands at Genesis. All our centre managers have been with our team for 4 or more years. They believe in and understand how to apply the Genesis system to all the clients in their centres. They are all posture correction-certified, and have passed the Genesis Academy’s Level 3 in fitness coaching. This means they’re trained to help clients with past or current injuries and chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension.
All our centre managers have gone through the internationally-recognised Poliquin International Certification Programme’s (PICP) Level 2 certification in strength coaching . This certification is the best in the world for helping clients who want to compete internationally. In addition, our centre managers lead by example through their healthy lifestyles and coaching professionalism.

Jen Li Sheng

Jen is the centre manager of our flagship branch at Paya Lebar. This ‘gentle giant’ is extremely willing to answer questions from anyone in the gym. He has been responsible for the results of many of our Paya Lebar centre clients. He is a very experienced athlete and the only person in history to win the Singapore Strongest Man competition 4 times.

Malcolm Pow

Malcolm is the centre manager of our Raffles Place branch. His degree in Sports Science aids his passion to turn scientific theory into practical results for our clients. His team at Raffles Place is adept at finding ways for even the busiest business executives to fit health and fitness into their lifestyles. This means a lot of creative programme design plus flexible scheduling and nutrition plans.

Christopher Lim

Chris is the centre manager at our branch at Alexandra Road. This former professional soccer player also had experience in several gyms before Genesis. After a sports injury which doctors said would give him permanent disability, Chris used the Genesis fitness system and achieved full recovery. As someone whose life has been transformed by Genesis, Chris understands the needs of clients who have had serious setbacks in their fitness journeys. He is passionate about helping all of our clients reach their greatest health and fitness potentials.

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Wong JunJie (JJ)

Jun Jie is the assistant manager at our Paya Lebar Branch. His love for helping people with their health and fitness has often been complimented by Genesis clients. He is a Genesis Academy Level 2 graduate and a vital member of our coaching team.

General Manager

Eunice Wong

Eunice is our General Manager. She manages operations across all centres and oversees client and corporate relationships. She is a trained occupational therapist with a Master’s in Public Health from the National University of Singapore. She is also a certified posture corrections specialist and helps clients with specific rehabilitation needs. As a mother of two, Eunice understands the challenges that busy working parents face to make health and fitness a part of their lives.

Marketing Manager

Jasmine Tan

Jasmine oversees the marketing and business development of Genesis Gym Singapore. With years of experience in the Fast Moving Consume Goods industry, Jasmine brings in a fresh perspective to the team. A mother of two young children, Jasmine understands the challenges of multiple roles as a working mum and the importance of health and fitness to fulfill these roles.

Our Mentors

To be the best personal trainers in Singapore we need to learn constantly from the best in the world. As part of our culture of constant learning and improvement, the Genesis personal training team has built a network of relationships with health and fitness experts around the world. These experts have strong track records of success, producing great results for clients in their individual fields of expertise.
Beyond attending their seminars and internships, we have regular contact with them as our ‘go-to’ team of experts. We can call on them whenever we have clients who need specialized knowledge. When you train with Genesis Gym, you are drawing from the deep experience of these experts worldwide.

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Annette Verpillot
Postural Alignment and Correction

Annette is the education director for the Posture Pro System. This is the only method in the world that can correct the root causes of postural problems, which often cause chronic pain and injury.

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Dr Bob Rakowski
Functional Medicine

Dr Rakowski is the director of the Natural Medicine Center in Houston, Texas. He optimises the health and performance of athletes through advanced nutrition and supplementation. He is also the author of the foreword of Jon’s book The Happy Body.

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Charles Poliquin
Strength Training

Coach Poliquin has trained world and Olympic medallists in 17 different sports and is a well-regarded expert in the field of strength and conditioning. He now shares his knowledge in seminars around the world.

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Dr Mark Scappiticci
Rehabilitation and Dry Needling

Dr ‘Scap’ is a rehab specialist who travels to the Olympics with the Canadian team. He teaches soft tissue treatment and dry needling at the FIT institute.

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Dr Alan Austin
Rehabilitation – Trigenics Method

Dr Austin is the founder of the Trigenics method of muscle testing and strengthening. This method, which is highly regarded in the world of rehabilitation, offers instant strength gains and pain reduction.

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Dr Mark Houston
Cardiovascular Health

Dr Houston is the author of several books on heart health. His lectures and knowledge of heart health come from his years of experience at the Hypertension Institute in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Dr Joe Musculinno
Anatomy and Cadaver Dissection

Dr Musculinno has written over 15 books on human anatomy and muscle function. The Genesis team uses his lectures and books as the foundation of our anatomical knowledge.

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Dr Jim Lavalle
Clinical and Anti-Aging Nutrition

Dr Lavalle is a specialist in integrated medicine and operates one of the largest holistic medical centres in the USA. He lectures around the world and is a consultant for professional sports teams and medical supplement research companies.

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John Broz & Pierre Roy
Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting is an excellent method for speed and strength development, but must be taught correctly to be effective and safe. Coaches Broz and Roy have excellent teaching methods for Olympic lifting. From them, we learn the best coaching methods for our clients.

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Dr Mark Schauss
Detoxification and Lab Testing

Dr Schauss is a scientist who currently teaches around the world on the best detoxification methods and how to interpret advanced laboratory testing for complex health issues. His book Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World is a must-read for anyone interested in learning more about detoxification.

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Dr George Georgiou
Holistic Medicine

Dr Georgiou is the director of the Da Vinci Center of Holistic Medicine in Cyprus, Greece. He also runs college teaching courses on many topics including detoxification, blood analysis and herbal medicine. These healing techniques are incorporated as needed for Genesis clients.

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