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Treat posture and pain from every angle

Everything that you need, nothing that you don’t

Genesis Posture and Pain Treatment gives you ALL you need to live pain-free . . .


Dig to the root cause of your pain
Dig to the root cause of your pain

We dig down till we get to the root cause of your pain. Sometimes even your feet, eyes, and jaw positions can cause chronic pain.
We don’t just treat symptoms like most clinics because that won’t give you a lasting result.

Use the right technique
Use the right technique

We use a wide variety of techniques depending on the cause of your problem. Using the right tool means fast results that last.
We are not bound to any single technique like most physio or treatment centres.

Empower you to maintain your results
Empower you to maintain your results

As part of your treatment, we will show you exactly what you need to do to take care of yourself so your pain doesn’t come back.
We don’t sell “packages of 30 treatments” because that means the treatment is not working! Don’t fall for those scams.

Efficient and effective treatment
Efficient and effective treatment

Full healing takes time but we expect to help you get significant benefits within the first session.
We don’t use the 50-year-old methods that you find in most clinics. We use only the latest, proven ones that Olympians and professional athletes use to recover quickly.

If you are serious about solving your pain and posture problems once and for all, then Genesis Gym is the right place for you.

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Get rid of pain safely and effectively

Non-invasive. Drug-free. Immediate results.


Fix your injuries and nagging pains

Genesis Gym uses a proprietary system to treat past injuries, train safely and live pain-free.

Using a blend of methods, we customise every exercise to fix your past injuries. No more one-size-fits-all treatment methods that don’t work and waste your time.


Stay pain-free with simple activities

At Genesis, we have distilled the best methods in the world and simplified them into activities that you can do at home or at work.

Connective tissue that becomes restricted due to overuse or injury can cause pain. We have multiple methods to help you release this tissue. What’s more, we will teach you safe techniques to care for your connective tissues to stay pain-free.


Keep joints healthy and stable

Often, joint pain can be caused by problems with the “mind-muscle” connection. This means that the brain is not able to turn on the muscles which keep the joint healthy and stable. We will teach you special techniques to help “re-connect” these broken mental links and turn your muscles back on to support your joints correctly.


Prevent future injuries and pains

A specialized method of posture correction provides the foundation of the pain and injury treatment that we use at Genesis Gym. If your posture is misaligned, all other treatment methods will be ineffective in the long run because your body will be under the constant stress of poor posture.

Based on classic posturology therapy, the Genesis posture correction method is the only one in the world that gives your brain the right information. Instead of focusing on the musculoskeletal system as traditional therapies do, our posture correction method focuses on the brain’s communication to the musculoskeletal system.

This corrected communication allows us to change any misaligned motor patterns to provide you with instant results and permanent changes.

Genesis helps hundreds of people each year live pain-free

Just a few of our happy clients . . .

Kelly Martinovich

-“I woke up the next morning and tried to reproduce my knee pain, but it’s completely gone!”

*your results may vary

 Benny Loke

-‘It’s just amazing, I am speechless. There is no pain in my arm and shoulder now when doing exercise. All this took just 30 minutes!’

*your results may vary

Jeffrey Lee

-‘After years of enduring pain, I was able to squat and move pain-free in my back and knees immediately on the day of the treatment.’

*your results may vary

Solve your pain effectively and permanently

Achieve results even if you have had chronic pain

If you are living with the depressing effects of nagging pain, this programme is for you. We have an excellent track record of restoring pain-free movement to our clients. At Genesis, we look at every possible source of pain—connective tissue, weakened muscles, foot problems, eye tracking and even old scars from surgery. These sources are almost never looked at by other treatment centres but may be the key to restoring your quality of life.

Customised approach to solve the cause of your pain

Genesis draws from a variety of methods and techniques to customise your pain solution. We do not believe in any single fixed system such as massage, chiropractic, Active Release Techniques or stretching. Instead, we offer you the best possible combination to treat your unique source of pain.

Find relief from the first session alone

Due to our effective combination of methods, most of our clients experience great relief during the first session alone. We don’t believe in long-term packages that “hope for the best” at the end of 30 sessions. We provide effective pain solutions right from the first session.

Stay pain-free for life

The underlying causes of pain can start as early as birth—the time when your brain is developing your ability to move correctly. These issues, together with the bad habits of modern life, can add up to pain. We work on creating a complete plan for you which saves you time as well as discomfort. This comprehensive plan is effective in resetting the way your brain communicates with your body so that you stay pain-free for life.

Holistic solutions to chronic pain

Genesis Gym combines the world’s best methods to fix your posture and ease your pain

How are we different?

Other Rehab Programmes

Genesis Gym Posture Correction and Pain Management

The focus is on selling you a “package of treatment sessions” used over weeks and months The focus is on providing you with the exact solution to your problem, with noticeable results in one or two sessions
The emphasis is on pain management and treating the symptoms The emphasis is on finding the root cause of your pain and enabling your body to heal itself
Usage of only one “special” method to help you (e.g., massage, chiropractic, stretching, acupuncture, etc.) Usage of whichever combination of methods gets to the root of your problem so you can solve it permanently
Testing is not carried out effecitvely before prescribing a treatment, simply giving the same treatment to everyone when different people have pain for different reasons Testing is thorough and effective (muscles, eye and jaw movement, feet, postural alignment, and much more) so we can give you an accurate solution
Assignment to one therapist whose skill is largely a matter of luck Brings together an entire team to help you achieve perfect posture and pain-free living through a multitude of techniques (exercise, stretching, soft tissue treatment, posture correction, muscle activation and more)

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“Most pain relief centres advertise the specific method they use for pain relief. But in the real world, there is no best method. That is like asking if taking a boat, plane, or car is the best way to get to your destination. In fact, the starting point and the obstacles on the way determine the best transport method for your journey. It is the same with treatment plans.”

Master Coach Jon Wong

The best natural posture and pain solution

We fix the root of your problems for long-term effectiveness

 Prasad Paramajothi

– “I spent the past six months trying to rehab my knee injury, but in 30 minutes it’s totally pain-free. This is the fastest fix ever!”

*your results may vary

Alex Loh

-“My pain prevented me from doing shoulder exercises for the last six months, but immediately after treatment, I was able to lift a 30-lb dumbbell pain-free.”

*your results may vary


-“I fell off a horse and had shoulder pain for the past two years. In less than one hour of treatment, I could rotate my shoulders and lift my arms overhead without pain! “

*your results may vary
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