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Give your company an added advantage

Boost productivity and performance with Genesis Gym

Healthy employees are more productive and perform better at work. They fall sick less often, have increased energy and focus, and have more self-confidence and better attitudes on the job.

Because they are your most valuable asset, it’s important to get and keep your employees fit and healthy to give your company an edge over the competition.

Genesis will provide your company with the framework and tools to help your employees achieve their best possible level of health.

It’s time to give your company the competitive advantage a healthy workplace and strong team can provide.

Benefit from world class fitness programmes

Customized for your needs at low to no cost

Choose from three corporate plans and use them in conjunction with the Workplace Health Promotion grant to provide great value to your employees.

Individual Personal Training

For 5 or more employees, enjoy a 25% discount off any of our 12-week packages.

For more on our training programmes, click here.

Smart Group Training

Enjoy a corporate discount on our regularly priced small group training:

  • 3–5 people – 15% off
  • 6–10 people – 20% off
  • 11–15 people – 25% off
  • 16 or more people – 30% off

For more on Smart Group training programmes, click here.

12-Week Weight Management Package

With a minimum of 12 participants, Genesis Gym will conduct a comprehensive 12-week weight management programme for you. This includes:

  • Talks/workshops on nutrition planning
  • Workshop on goal setting
  • Workshop on healthy thinking and behaviour
  • Group exercise classes
  • Body composition measurements and assessments

The cost for this basic package is only S$450 per person. It can also be customized, depending on the needs of your organization

To start building a healthy workplace, contact us at 9337 4188 or email [email protected].

Marketing collateral can be provided to help share these programmes with your employees.

Transform your workplace with any budget

With additional funding, you have no reason not to
The Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) grant is a funding scheme offered by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). It provides financial support to help organisations start and sustain their workplace health programmes.

For Plans 1 and 2, claim 50% partial funding under the “General Health” component up to S$10,000.

For Plan 3, claim up to 100% full funding under the “Targeted Intervention” component up to S$5,000.

With a total grant quantum of up to S$15,000, there’s no reason not to sign up today.

For more information on how to apply for this grant, click here.

To start building a healthy workplace,Contact us at 9337 4188 or email [email protected]

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