What Makes Us Different

Genesis Gym Is Different

Achieve your health and fitness goals with our world-class system
Genesis Gym’s comprehensive system delivers results, pure and simple. Unique to us, its consistency is unmatched anywhere in the world. Almost 10,000 clients have gone through our programmes over the last ten years with outstanding results.

Here’s a quick overview of what makes Genesis Gym different:

Note From Our Founder

Founder of Genesis Gym, Jonathan Wong, shares a personal note about bringing professional health & fitness coaching to the world through Genesis Gym.

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Genesis Philosophy

Genesis Gym emphasises foundational health, proven knowledge and positive client outcomes. We empower our members with the mind-set and methods to get results and keep them long-term.

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Genesis Academy

Due to the inconsistency in the education and skill level of fitness coaches around the world, we developed Genesis Academy. We are setting a new standard with this world-class, hands-on coaching programme, which takes three years to complete. All Genesis coaches are required to pass Level 1 of this programme before they can coach our clients.

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Genesis Fitness System

To deliver effective, long-term results for our clients, we need to do the right things well and consistently. This where our proprietary Genesis Fitness System (GFS) comes in. It is unmatched in providing the perfect blend of consistent actions and individual customization.

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The Genesis Team

Teamwork makes Genesis Gym unique. Our coaches work together to help our clients, so you benefit from the combined experience of our entire team instead of just one trainer. Instead of competing for clients, junior coaches receive mentorship and guidance from senior coaches.The entire team grows together, and our clients get better safety, flexibility, and results.

In addition, we consult with and refer clients to a worldwide network of top health professionals in the case of any especially challenging condition.

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