The Sports Coaches Guide To Fitness Training

By: Jonathan Wong, Founder, Genesis Gym

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Many Sportsmen, Coaches, And PE Teachers Know That Fitness Training Can Boost Performance & Lower Injury Risk But They Have Questions Like...

  • What exercises should my athletes do?
  • How much time should I be spending in the gym?
  • How do I make the most of my exercise time?
  • Will too much gym exercise make athletes slow?
  • When is the right time to add plyometric training to my athletes program?
  • How do I use gym equipment with minimal risk?
  • How do I use gym equipment for maximum results?
  • How should I warm up for gym training vs sports training?
  • Which kinds of cardio is best for athletes?
  • What should I eat before exercise?
  • What should I eat after exercise? 
  • Will gym training make me "stiff" and "tight"?
  • If an athlete has some joint discomfort during an exercise what should I do?
  • What should athletes bring to gym training to make sessions more effective?

To answer questions like these I used data from Genesis Gym's 13 years of athlete coaching experience with world class athletes like...

  • Xu Xin - Olympic Gold Medalist & World Champion, Table Tennis
  • Yeo Kim Yeong - World Record Holder, Most Chin-ups In One Minute
  • Theresa Goh - Paralympic medalist
  • Joey Lynn Musselman - Top 10 Masters Triathlete
  • Nurshahidah Wee - Singapore's Top Female Boxer
  • Sarah Pang - Professional Tennis Player
  • Singapore National Ultimate Frisbee Team (World Top 10)
  • Singapore National Dragon Boat Team
  • Singapore National Softball Team

Taking Olympic table tennis champion Xu-Xin through a workout at the Chinese Olympic training center in Beijing.

And I put together this free, value-packed, E-book:

The Sports Coaches Guide To Gym Training

50 Insider Tips From 13 Years Of Athlete Preparation

After reading this e-book, I believe you will know more about gym training than 95% of personal trainers in the market. And you may never look at sports specific fitness the same way again.

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