Who Else Wants Life-Long Fitness Results?

Learn The Methods And Mindsets Of Fitness Success With Genesis Gym's Personal Training Programs

Hi, I'm Jonathan Wong, the founder of Genesis Gym Singapore.

My team and I specialize in helping clients achieve their fitness goals. But even more important than that, we specialize in helping you KEEP your results. 

We do this by working with every client to help build the mindset, the habits and the skills needed to stay healthy. FOR LIFE.

Read on to find out how Genesis Gym personal training programs work. (It's much more than shouting at you, calling you fat, and dragging you through the toughest possible workout while eating as little as possible!)


"How Will This Program Work For Me? Everyone Is So Different!"

That is a great question. It means you understand something important about achieving fitness goals. There is no one size fits all solution. Everyone's body is different.

The state of your body is a reflection of everything it goes through. That means that there is much more to achieving your goals than eating right and exercise. Your environment, metabolism, genetics and your stress levels all affect your results. And this is different for everyone.

So Genesis Gym Personal Training goes way beyond a "one size fits all" approach to fitness. We focus on overcoming all the health "roadblocks" that stop you from success.

Common roadblocks include:

    • Poor metabolism (eating little yet still not losing weight)
    • Poor digestion (you lack nutrients even though you eat enough)
    • Poor sleep quality (unable to recover from the stress of life and exercise)
    • Low sex hormones (responsible for youthfulness, lean muscle and fat burning)
    • Old injuries and scars (poor movement increases injury risk)
    • Posture problems (affect injury risk)

and many more...

You will be empowered with science based, and practical methods to overcome these problems. Once your health improves, you can achieve weight loss, or fitness goals with much less struggle.

This customized approach gives consistent success with a wide variety of clients from Olympic athletes and world record holders. To the average "Jane" or "Joe" who wants to get their health on track after 20 years of stressful living and little activity.

June Meng, 42

-‘I’m a walking advert for Genesis Gym. I don’t say anything – people just ask me how I got these results!’

June Meng, 42
Hsien Hung, 45

-Genesis Gym helped me get great results and the best compliment came from my wife, she said “I have a brand new husband now!”

Hsien Hung, 45
Srividia, 29

-“I had a total life transformation at Genesis Gym and I know that the habits I have built can stay with me forever.”

Srividia, 29
Raj, 37

-“The Genesis Gym team gave me a comprehensive plan far beyond just my food and training. Sleep, stress and mindset were all covered.”

Raj, 37

Your Step-By-Step Plan For Success

Step #1 Consultation

We will find out more about your goals, schedule, exercise experience, medical history so that we can help you avoid potential roadblocks and wasted time.

Step #2 Assessment

We will do a posture, movement, body-fat, muscle control, and joint flexibility assessment so that we can prescribe exercises and training programs that suit your current ability. Challenging enough so you make progress. While minimizing any injury risk.

Step #3 Program Design

Once we know more about you we can design a program that helps you achieve your goal. But at the same time, also fits within your schedule and lifestyle. Below is a behind the scenes video about the program design process.

Step #4 Guided Workouts

The Genesis Gym team will guide you through your training program by systematically taking you through each workout. There is no random jumping around! Only precise exercise plans and step-by-step progress tracking to make sure you are making progress.

Step #5 Lifestyle Coaching & Support

Even the most motivated client can only train a few hours per week. But that leaves over 160 hours each week outside the gym. Our team will work with you to build great lifestyle and nutrition habits so that you are supporting your goals even when you are not training.

Step #6 Re-Assessment

Each workout we make small adjustments to your plan. And every 4 weeks we do a complete re-assessment to track your progress. Then we can see what areas have worked well, and what areas you may have struggled with or have room for improvement. Finally, we make adjustments so you keep moving forward.

What Makes Genesis Gym Training Different?

  • Global Education & Continuous Learning

    In total our team has traveled 527,450km to 27 different cities to learn from the best in the world in different areas of fitness, nutrition, rehabilitation and sports science. All this knowledge is condensed into a practical program for your goals.

  • Education & Empowerment Of Clients

    Most personal trainers don’t want to teach you so you keep “needing” them. We take the opposite approach. We teach as much as we can so you learn the skills needed for life-long fitness results.

  • Working As A Team To Help You

    Every top performer in any field has a support team because nobody can be an expert in everything. That’s why you are not joining a single trainer. You are joining a team that understands your goals and works together to help you succeed.

  • Time Flexibility To Match Your Schedule

    One major problem with most other personal trainers is that you cannot get the time that you want. But our team concept and systematic approach allows much more flexible session timings.

  • Experience & Data

    Over more than 13 years and 1 MILLION personal training sessions, we have systematically logged data about what methods work for different clients. This experience and information means we will be able to quickly identify problems that slow your progress. And quickly choose the right method to overcome them.

  • World-Wide Support Network

    The Genesis Gym and I have built up global relationships through our travels and educational courses. If in the unlikely even we do not have an ideal solution to any question or problem you may have, we will find the right expert who does. You have the security of a global team that is passionate about your success.

  • Professional Environment

    I believe that health and fitness coaching is almost like being a medical specialist. Just that we are preventing rather than treating health problems. That is why I hold myself and my team to high professional standards.

    You won’t find flirting, cursing or “tough guy” behavior that gyms are known for. I have made the culture such that I would be comfortable having my young children training at Genesis Gym.

  • Consistent Coaching Quality

    If you join other personal trainers or gyms, it is up to luck what coach is assigned to you. They may be good or bad but you won’t really know.

    Most personal training courses are a few hours over a few weekends. But at Genesis Gym, every coach completes 480 hours of hands on, systematic education and mentor-ship before coaching clients.

Grahmme Rance, 37

-“The Genesis teams’ commitment to my success helped me build healthy habits that transformed my body, my strength and my energy levels.”

Grahmme Rance, 37
Daphne Tan, 25

-“The Genesis system is so much better than all the crazy crash diets I tried in the past.”

Daphne Tan, 25
Wesley Chong, 35

– “The Genesis Gym team guided, encouraged and educated me in every area I needed to get the results I wanted.”

Wesley Chong, 35
Melvin Chia, 32

-“Genesis Gym’s customized, holistic programs helped my body stay strong, flexible, balanced and injury-free even as I prepared for a bodybuilding show.”

Melvin Chia, 32
Charmaine Su, 30

-“With the Genesis program I am able to stay fit even with my hectic schedule as a lawyer. I can even do 5 chin-ups now.”

Charmaine Su, 30
Daniel Lim, 46

-“The Genesis team uses a very systematic, detailed and personal system to design my training, lifestyle and nutrition plans. During training they push me to achieve results that I could not have accomplished on my own.”

Daniel Lim, 46

I'm Interested, What Should I Do Next?

Step #1 - Watch The Video Below

I will explain every component included in the Genesis Gym coaching package. I will also explain how we keep our prices competitive while delivering world class quality and unmatched value at the same time.

Step #2 - Schedule A Visit

I don't expect you to trust us with your health and fitness from a simple web page!

So once you have watched the video and found the value of the coaching package right for you. I personally welcome you to schedule a visit to the gym nearest you. It's important that you visit us in person to make sure that we are who we say we are.

Click the button below to choose your preferred time slot and location for your free, no obligation, in-person consultation with one of our center managers. No "hard sale" tactics EVER. It is just a time to understand your needs better, and to make sure that we are a good fit for each other.

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Step #3 - Get Ready!

Before your visit, we will review any health history information you have provided, and our team will prepare for potential questions you may have. Meanwhile we will send you more information about the visit and what to bring along. The team and I look forward to meeting you.

Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity To Gain A Lifetime Of Awesome Fitness

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