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Harng Luh, Mother of Three, can now raise her hands overhead without pain.


Theresa Rei, 42, can now do a split after 10 years of not being able to.


After just one treatment, Cambodian Tennis Player can now fully raise his shoulders and perform a full squat without pain.

Correct your posture with Genesis Posture Therapy

Safe. Non-invasive. Drug-free. See Immediate Results.

Genesis Posture Therapy is the most advanced evaluation and treatment system for orthopedic conditions. It is based on the principle that your body must be properly aligned. To align your body, you need your brain to get the correct information from your sensors (eyes, jaw, hips and feet). Only then will you be pain-free and achieve a high level of performance. Genesis Posture Therapy focuses on the root causes of many ailments. The goal is to correct misalignment and faulty movement patterns that create strain and compensation, which lead to symptoms. With simple and non-invasive techniques, Genesis Posture Therapy reshapes the way your brain communicates with your musculoskeletal system. The results are immediate and permanent.

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What is so bad about having bad posture?

Looking at mobile devices can cause neck and shoulder pain if you have bad posture
Looking at mobile devices can cause neck and shoulder pain if you have bad posture
  • Bad posture forces your muscles to work harder fighting gravity when your body is misaligned. If you do stretching and go for massage, yet your tense muscles still don’t relax, this could be due to the increased muscle strain and tension.
  • Bad posture increases risk of back pain, nerve impingement and slipped disks because the spine does not have the right curves and balance
  • Bad posture increases the wear-and-tear of all joints. Because they are not moving in the way they are designed to. Cartilage starts breaking down and ligaments are weakened, leading to ligament tears, muscle pulls and joint pain.
  • Bad posture increases the production of stress hormones and inflammation due to all the above factors and this can lead to lowered immune system function, decreased sleep quality, digestion, and energy levels.

Have you checked your eyes lately?

Do you know that the eye tracking movement is critical in giving your brain the correct information needed to align your body?


Do the following simple test:

  1. Place a pen vertically at the tip of your nose
  2. Focus your eyes on the tip of the pen
  3. Check if your eyes look more like the top or bottom pictures

(If possible, get someone to take a picture of you doing it)

Poor Eye Tracking - One eye is unable to turn inward to focus on the tip of the pen

Good Eye Tracking - Both eyes are able to turn inward evenly to focus on the tip of the pen

How do your eyes affect your posture? Most people think that posture is only about how straight you stand or sit. That is only a small component of posture. The main part, is how your eyes and feet stabilize your body in relation to gravity and to the horizon. Imbalances of the feet and the eyes lead to bad posture because your body cannot know what "vertical" or "aligned" is.

How can you achieve better posture?

The fact is, posture is controlled by the subconscious parts of our brain – much like balance, heart-beat, and breathing. In essence, it is not possible to “try harder” to have good posture. To change posture, we have to change the way our brain perceives what perfect posture is.


Genesis Posture Therapy has helped many clients over the last 3 years to achieve their long-term health goals and stay pain-free. It is helped clients who are athletes, expectant mothers, school-age children, stressed and busy professionals alike.

Within One Session

Your brain will communicate better with your muscles which will show as improvement in posture. Without "trying".

Within Weeks To Months

Your soft tissues like muscles and ligaments will return to their correct and balanced length

Within Months to Years

Hard structures like bones can improve their alignment and return to their correct position.

Healing Starts Immediately

Your body can only align itself when your brain knows what "correct" alignment is. True healing begins immediately.

Pictures taken with permission from PosturePro.Net.

Hundreds of clients each year benefit from
Genesis Posture Therapy


Martin Fum, Lawyer

“I used to spend thousands on physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions for my hip pain, but after going through Genesis Posture Therapy, I am moving better than ever.”

Nguyen Thai Duong, Professional Golfer, Vietnam

“It was worth traveling all the way to Singapore for Genesis Posture Therapy. It helped my nagging neck pain and certainly helped my golf game.”

Gina, mom of Zave, Age 7

“My seven-year-old son had flat feet and nagging foot and ankle pain. After going through Genesis Posture Therapy, he is pain-free and has gone back to sports and physical activity.”

Jesper Chong, Singapore national floorball team, Age 33

“I have been playing sports competitively for almost 20 years and there have been alot of aches and pains that I could never get rid of. This was before Genesis Posture Therapy. After the corrections to my alignment I am able to plain pain free. It helps me feel fresh, fast and young. Even though I am one of the oldest guys in the national team.”

Norman Ho, History Teacher

“I had an old slip disk and it made me afraid of exercising. After Genesis Posture Therapy, I am able to lift heavy weights and train without any pain. I also feel a lot more stability and balance during martial arts training.”

Serena Wong, Age 67

“My family has a history of scoliosis and I too, have it. But once I got on the Genesis Posture Therapy programme, I was able to increase my flexibility in my back and move pain-free for the first time in a long while.”

Marc Wong, Weightlifter, Age 33

“In the past, all forms of training gave me severe headaches and back aches. But after Genesis Posture Therapy, even weights as heavy as 180kg do not give any pain. I can feel my body perfectly aligned and much stronger when I train. You will be amazed with how Posture Therapy actually works."



Finally, a pain-management therapy that works

Jonathan Wong, founder of Genesis Posture Therapy has over 40 industry-related certifications, mentorships and courses, with a strong reputation in the international arena of health and fitness. The Genesis Posture Therapy team has 7 certified posture specialists spread across our three branches.

Genesis Posture Therapy uses the PosturePro system, which is the gold standard of posture correction, pain management and injury prevention.

  • Non-invasive - No surgery, no time spent bed-ridden.
  • Drug free - No pain numbing medication. No side effects.
  • Allows your body to heal itself - No need for multiple trips to a chiropractor or physiotherapist.
  • Fixes the underlying root causes of your problem - Not only the painful symptoms.
  • Provides most value for money spent - Back surgery can be $25,000 upwards. A one-year chiropractic or physiotherapy package cost $6,000 upwards. Genesis Posture Therapy gives more benefits at a lower cost.
  • Instant improvements - You will see your body improve alignment, strength and flexibility on the first session. More than 85% of clients also notice an immediate decrease in pain level.
  • Gives you permanent results. Not just temporary fixes. Because your body will be aligned perfectly.

Click above to see how PosturePro has helped a client with severe Parkinson’s disease.

Video from PosturePro.Net

Click above to see how PosturePro instantly improves stability.

Video from PosturePro.Net

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The effects of bad posture are long-term. But there is no need to suffer from chronic pain. Make changes to your posture alignment today. Sign up for a free posture assessment with us and come experience how Genesis Posture Therapy can help transform your overall health and well-being. And please recommend this programme to someone you know who may be suffering from chronic pains and nagging injuries.

Sign up for our next Genesis Posture Therapy Seminar.

We have just concluded our last seminar on 12 August 2017.

To find out more about Genesis Posture Therapy as an individual or sign up for a group workshop, contact us at 9337 4188 or [email protected].

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