3 Little Known Causes of Chronic Back Pain

(And What You Can Do About Them)

best personal trainer singaporeFrom: Jonathan Wong, Director, Genesis Posture Therapy

To readers who suffer from back pain:

Did you know that 80% of adults experience back pain during their lifetime.

Have you wondered why some people are able to avoid back pain, while for others, it is a daily struggle to move pain-free?

Some people slouch in their chairs, hunch over a computer all day, never exercise, and eat all kinds of unhealthy food. Yet, they are free from back pain.

Others try to exercise regularly, stretch, sit upright, buy expensive ergonomic office chairs and eat healthily. Yet, their nagging backaches never seem to go away.

They may even get a painful slipped (herniated) disk injury simply from sneezing or picking up a light object.

I too, was one of those people who had unexplained back pain despite doing almost everything I could to live a healthy life.

After years of study, I now understand why this happened to me, and could happen to anyone.

From my observations of our 10,000 clients at Genesis Gym Singapore and in-depth studies with our overseas Posture Therapy mentors, I have discovered three little known secrets why even the healthiest people may have back pain that never goes away.

Secret No.1 - Your Feet Are Imbalanced

Almost everyone with back pain has imbalances in their feet

If your feet do not have perfect arches, or have imperfect muscle function, you are likely to have back pain. To help you understand why, take this simple test.

  • Stand upright, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your knees and hips straight - i.e., don’t bend at the waist or knees.
  • Lean forward slowly until you are about to tip forward.
  • Take note of whether your weight shifts to the inner or the outer part of your feet.
  • It should shift to the inner part of each foot.
  • Now do the opposite. Lean backward slowly.
  • Your weight should shift to the outer edges of your feet.

When one arch is "lower" that side of your body will lean forward. All day.
personal trainer singapore lean back
When one arch is "higher" that side of your body will lean backwards. All day.

Imperfect feet mean that your body is leaning too far back, or too far forward for many hours per day. Your back will take more strain. And over time this leads to a much higher occurrence of back pain. In addition, your spine will be out of position leading to greater risk of a slip disk. If you already have a history of back pain, imperfect feet prevent good alignment which prevents correct healing.

Secret No.2 - Your Eyes Are Imbalanced

Symmetrical eye tracking is critical in giving your brain the correct information needed to align your body?

Do the following simple test:

  1. Place a pen vertically at the tip of your nose
  2. Focus your eyes on the tip of the pen
  3. Check if your eyes look more like the top or bottom pictures

(If possible, get someone to take a picture of you doing it)

Poor Eye Tracking - One eye is unable to turn inward to focus on the tip of the pen

Good Eye Tracking - Both eyes are able to turn inward evenly to focus on the tip of the pen

The top picture of unbalanced eyes is from a young female client who suffers from scoliosis (curved spine) which is one of the more severe back problems.

If your eyes do not track symmetrically, your brain will be confused. It won't know how to align your shoulders and hips. This misalignment adds to the stresses on your spine and back.

Secret No.3 - Skin problems are affecting your back alignment

Tiny sensors in your skin can get damaged

Did you know that your skin has tiny sensors that give information about your posture? If these sensors are damaged by an injury or surgery that cuts the skin, your brain will get incorrect signals about your alignment.

Imperfect alignment again puts more stress on your back. Preventing back pain from healing, and increasing injury risk.

Below is a picture of a client who had liver surgery. After the surgery, he had a large scar which affected his posture. He eventually suffered from a slipped disk.

For ladies, the most common cause of this is "C-Section" surgeries from childbirth.

how to correct my posture singapore
Scars like this one from liver surgery of one Genesis client can lead to more back pain

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How can you remove back pain permanently?

The fact is, back alignment is controlled by the subconscious parts of our brain – much like balance, heart-beat, and breathing.

This part of the brain sends signals to our muscles to align our back. It is not possible to “try harder” to have a well aligned back.

To change alignment, we have to change the way our brain perceives what perfect alignment is. image009

Fix Your Back Pain With Genesis Posture Therapy

Safe. Non-invasive. Drug-free. Science-based. Immediate Results

Genesis Posture Therapy is the most advanced evaluation and treatment system for back pain. It is based on the principle that your body must be properly aligned.

To align your body, you need your brain to get the correct information from your sensors (eyes, feet etc). Only then will you allow proper healing, and long term pain free living.

Genesis Posture Therapy focuses on the root causes of back pain. The goal is to correct misalignment and faulty movement patterns that create strain and compensation, which lead to back pain.

With science based, non-invasive techniques, Genesis Posture Therapy reshapes the way your brain communicates with your musculo-skeletal system. The results are immediate and permanent.

Read more about Genesis Posture Therapy on our in-depth posture correction article. 

Within One Session

Your brain will communicate better with your muscles which will show as improvement in back aligment. Without "trying".

Within Weeks To Months

Your soft tissues like muscles and ligaments will return to their correct and balanced length. Further reducing the stress on your back.

Within Months to Years

Hard structures like bones can improve their alignment and return to their correct position. This long term improvement can help even severe back mis-alignment.

Hundreds of clients each year benefit from Genesis Posture Therapy

Genesis Posture Therapy has helped many clients over the last 3 years to achieve their long-term health goals and stay pain-free. It is helped clients who are athletes, expectant mothers, school-age children, stressed and busy professionals alike.


Watch the video above to see the results that are commonly seen in your first posture therapy session.

Martin Fum, Lawyer

“I used to spend thousands on physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions for my hip and back pain, but after going through Genesis Posture Therapy, I am moving better than ever.”

Nguyen Thai Duong, Professional Golfer, Vietnam

“It was worth traveling all the way to Singapore for Genesis Posture Therapy. It helped my nagging neck and back pain and certainly helped my golf game.”

Jesper Chong, Singapore national floorball team, Age 33

“I have been playing sports competitively for almost 20 years and there have been alot of aches and back pain that I could never get rid of. This was before Genesis Posture Therapy. After the corrections to my alignment I am able to plain pain free. It helps me feel fresh, fast and young. Even though I am one of the oldest guys in the national team.”

Norman Ho, History Teacher

“I had an old slip disk and it made me afraid of exercising. After Genesis Posture Therapy, I am able to lift heavy weights and train without any pain. I also feel a lot more stability and balance during martial arts training.”

Serena Wong, Age 67

“My family has a history of scoliosis and I too, have it. But once I got on the Genesis Posture Therapy programme, I was able to increase my flexibility in my back and move pain-free for the first time in a long while.”

Marc Wong, Weightlifter, Age 33

“In the past, all forms of training gave me severe headaches and back aches. But after Genesis Posture Therapy, even weights as heavy as 180kg do not give any pain. I can feel my body perfectly aligned and much stronger when I train. You will be amazed with how Posture Therapy actually works."

Finally, a pain-management therapy that works

Jonathan Wong, founder of Genesis Posture Therapy has over 40 industry-related certifications, mentorships and courses, with a strong reputation in the international arena of health and fitness. The Genesis Posture Therapy team has 7 certified posture specialists spread across our three branches.

Genesis Posture Therapy uses the PosturePro system, which is the gold standard of posture correction, pain management and injury prevention.

  • Non-invasive - No surgery, no time spent bed-ridden.
  • Drug free - No pain numbing medication. No side effects.
  • Allows your body to heal itself - No need for multiple trips to a chiropractor or physiotherapist.
  • Fixes the underlying root causes of your problem - Not only the painful symptoms.
  • Provides most value for money spent - Back surgery can be $25,000 upwards. A one-year chiropractic or physiotherapy package cost $6,000 upwards. Genesis Posture Therapy gives more benefits at a lower cost.
  • Instant improvements - You will see your body improve alignment, strength and flexibility on the first session. More than 85% of clients also notice an immediate decrease in pain level.
  • Gives you permanent results. Not just temporary fixes. Because your body will be aligned perfectly.

Living without back pain is priceless! Sign up for our seminar today.

This seminar is highly recommended for you or someone that you know and care about fits into any of the following descriptions:

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  3. Have been diagnosed with specific lower back condition and been told the best option is surgery
  4. Have been for numerous chiropractic treatment and/or physiotherapy sessions and it has taken a toll on your bank account AND still not see significant improvements

At this seminar, Jonathan and our team of posture correction experts will individually assess and even help to ease your specific sore areas on the spot, using a safe and non-invasive method that has proven to work for over 300 happy Genesis Posture Therapy clients.

No gimmicks, just real results.

Genesis Posture Therapy Seminar

Date: 12 August 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 9.42am - 11.30am

Venue: 115 Eunos Avenue 3, #02-04 Singapore 409839

Key Speaker: Mr. Jonathan Wong (Chief Posture Correction Therapist)

Ticket Price: $20 per pax

First 30 signups will receive an early-bird gift worth $18! (while stocks last)

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