The Genesis Happy Healthy Workplace Initiative

Bringing World Class Wellness to Your Workplace

JM Busy Professional & Father

JM, age 37 is a busy professional and father. He needed a programme to burn fat and build muscle while juggling his hectic schedule. He also had high blood pressure and a meniscus tear. After 16 weeks of personal training with Genesis Gym Singapore, he transformed himself. He’s now in the best shape of his life.

Preeth - Overcame Lifestyle-Related Stress

Preeth didn't realize that her work and lifestyle-related stress was destroying her attempts to lose weight successfully. The Genesis Gym team focused on her sleep quality and hormone balance. After improving her lifestyle, she managed to lose 20kg while gaining energy, happiness and motivation.

Grahmme - Results With A Busy Job

Graham, age 38, is a manager in the finance sector who had adopted the stereotypical late-night, hard-drinking lifestyle. He decided that enough was enough and signed up at Genesis Gym.

During his 12-week transformation he dropped 11kg of fat and built 5.5kg of lean muscle, leading to the dramatic changes you see here.

What makes a good corporate wellness programme?

A good corporate wellness programme fosters a culture in which employees choose to live a healthier lifestyle over the long term. It’s not a series of random sports activities or a cookie-cutter workout programme, but rather a well-planned system that truly engages your employees.

Its effectiveness can be measured in the long run in terms of higher staff retention rates, reduced employee medical expenditures and increased morale.

A good wellness programme is a win-win situation.

In the end, the bottom line is . . . the bottom line. Your employees’ overall wellbeing contributes directly to your profitability.

You want happy, productive employees. Your employees want to feel cared for and want a programme that works for them. That’s why we’ve created a system that works at the individual level to achieve results for your whole company. We make the programme attractive enough to encourage participation, and everyone benefits.

Why is the Genesis Happy Healthy Workplace Initiative for your company?

  • It offers a holistic approach to health—not just the physical aspects, but also the mental and emotional ones related to reduced stress and increased happiness.
  • It is customised to your company’s overall goals.
  • It takes a bottom-up approach by engaging each employee on an individual level.
  • You can measure the impact and effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

What are the elements of the Genesis Happy Healthy Workplace Initiative?

The Genesis Happy Healthy Workplace Initiative is the only solution in the market that provides a complete, holistic, science-based approach. It is based on a decade of working with our clients and constantly learning from experts around the world.

Here are the core elements from which you can select, based on your corporate goals, requirements, resources and timing. Let us know if you would like guidance in choosing the elements that are right for your company.


  • Organisational study

We will first look at your company as a whole to better understand your overall corporate health picture. We’ll be able to gauge the broad-based mental, emotional and physical health levels of your staff.

  • Employee health screening questionnaire

This series of short questions will help us understand your employees on an individual level. We will then chart out the overall results and present the case study to you, along with specific recommendations for each individual.

  • Presentation of corporate health analysis

We will present this report to the person in charge, analysing your total company health profile and providing preliminary recommendations for achieving your corporate wellness goals.

Workshop Day:

  • One-on-one in-depth health assessments

A senior Genesis coach will spend some time with each employee, reviewing their personal health assessments based on their questionnaire responses and providing them with nutritional and lifestyle advice for reaching their own individual health and fitness goals.

  • Lunchtime workshop and presentation

The workshop will be conducted by our founder, Jonathan Wong, who is well known in the fitness industry. He has accumulated a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience in almost every field of health and fitness, ranging from a doctorate in holistic medicine to studying with the world’s foremost experts in anatomy, rehabilitation, postural correction, strength training and athletic development. The presentation will cover, among other topics, an analysis of our specific findings about your company.

  • Lunchtime workout

If you prefer to get your staff moving around, you can choose to get a feel for the Genesis fitness system right in your office. Our team of world-class coaches can lead a 45-minute Smart Group Training session, customised according to our overall health assessment of your company.

  • Catered lunch

This will be a healthy and delicious lunch for your entire staff.


  • Nutrition and NEPA guides

We’ll provide you with printed handouts and signs that will help your employees incorporate healthy lifestyle habits both in and outside the office, including NEPA (Non-Exercise Physical Activities) and healthy eating guides.

  • Access to our members-only Facebook community

With a low monthly subscription fee, your employees can continue to gain valuable health-related tips and ask our team of world-class coaches any health-related questions they have.

  • Corporate rates and discounts

With a minimum of just three participants, your company can enjoy the corporate rates to all of our training programmes, posture therapy treatments, and more.

Why should you entrust Genesis Gym for your organisational development?

  • Genesis Gym is the most trusted gym in Singapore, with more than ten years of experience training over 10,000 clients. Our team believes in scientifically backed research and continual education This translates into a unique, personalised approach for each and every client. This same approach applies to the Genesis corporate wellness programme. Click here to find out more about the Genesis Fitness System.
  • Genesis Gym has been the hardworking leader in the personal fitness scene in Singapore for the last 10 years.
  • We have a strong reputation for professionalism and results with even the most challenging cases.
  • Our team has spent more than 10 years and more than 50,000 hours developing fitness programmes for clients.
  • We have invested more than $250,000 across the globe to learn from the world’s best in sports performance and health.
  • Genesis Gym has coached more than 10,000 clients in Singapore over the last 10 years. No other training centre has amassed anywhere close to this amount of experience.
  • We have successfully developed programmes for everyone, including stressed-out business executives, TV celebrities, cancer survivors, people with chronic diseases and senior citizens.
  • We have consistent success with competitive athletes from multiple sports, including the Guinness world record holder in pull-ups.
  • Genesis Gym’s coaches are widely regarded as the best fitness coaches in Singapore.
  • Genesis Gym’s founder and master coach Jonathan Wong is highly respected by healthcare professionals around the world. He personally supervises Genesis Gym Programmes and staff education.
  • All Genesis coaches continually train themselves to a high level of physical excellence and health – we lead by example and have tried every programme we customize for you.
  • Our world-class team of coaches and athletes are 100% steroid-free. That means that the results you see are attainable without dangerous and illegal methods which (sadly) are widespread in the fitness industry.

A word from our founder

“I started Genesis Gym because, at that time, there was no gym in Singapore whose philosophy was based on giving clients the best possible results in their health and fitness.

“All other gyms did things based on the latest fads or the easiest—or most profitable—business models.

“Over the years, I’ve placed a company-wide emphasis on continually increasing our skills and knowledge. My ongoing role is to disseminate this knowledge throughout our entire coaching team. This way, we can meet each client’s unique needs while guiding them toward their goals. This is how we’ve made Genesis Gym the best gym in Singapore.”

 —Master Coach Jonathan Wong

To find out more about how and why we do things differently from (and better than) other gyms and trainers, please click here.

How Other Busy Professionals Have Benefited From Genesis Gym's Programmes

Raj - Sleep and Stress Management

During Raj's time at Genesis Gym, we worked on sleep and stress management methods to help him overcome his unpredictable work hours in the IT industry. After this, he was able to burn fat, improve his energy level and health markers, and get the abs he wanted.

Marie - Leaner And Fitter Than Before Giving Birth

Marie is a university professor who had just given birth. She wanted to get back into "pre-baby" shape safely and quickly. After just 12 weeks at Genesis Gym, Marie ended up even leaner, stronger and fitter than before giving birth, despite her busy job.

Dave - Years of Work Stress Caused 20kg of Fat Gain

Dave had many health issues as well as back pain from a slip disk. During his first 12 weeks at Genesis Gym, we focused on fat loss techniques and posture. Following his customized program Dave managed to lose 20kg of fat and 21cm on his waistline.


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