50 Tips To Maximize Your Gym Membership

By: Jonathan Wong, Founder, Genesis Gym

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When you first walk into a gym, you have have questions like...

  • What exercises should I do?
  • How much time should I be spending in the gym?
  • How do I make the most of my exercise time?
  • Will too much gym exercise make me less healthy?
  • If I'm female are there exercise changes I need to make?
  • If I'm female will I get huge muscles training with weights?
  • If I'm a guy, should I gain muscle first, or lose fat first?
  • Which exercises are not suitable for my age/injury history/fitness level
  • How do I use the equipment with minimal risk?
  • How do I use the equipment for maximum results?
  • How should I warm up?
  • What kind of warm up is best for gym training?
  • Which piece of cardio equipment is the best for my goals?
  • What should I eat before exercise?
  • What should I eat after exercise? 
  • Will gym training make me "stiff" and "tight"?
  • If my joints hurt during an exercise what should I do?

To answer questions like these I used data from Genesis Gym's client coaching experience (over 13 years, and over 1 MILLION personal training sessions)...

And I put together this free, value-packed, E-book:

The Ultimate Guide To Maximizing Your Gym Membership

50 Insider Tips From 13 Years Of Fitness Coaching

After reading this e-book, I believe you will know more about gym training than 95% of personal trainers in the market. And you may never look at gym training the same way again.

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