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I’ve been the lightest I’ve ever been in over 10 years and significantly stronger than before too. Not only that, I feel that my overall mindset has changed. I’m now more positive, energetic and less stressed out. To me, Genesis Gym is like a father: tough on you, but coming from a deep-rooted desire to make you the best you can be.

Coach Pern, Genesis Gym Raffles Place

It’s been an incredible journey so far, from seeing our company grow from one gym to now 3 locations, with expansions overseas. And on a personal level, not only have I managed to retain my title as Singapore Strongest Man in 2012 and 2013, I believe I’ve also undergone a complete metamorphosis as both as coach and as an individual.

Coach Jen, Genesis Gym Eunos

During each measurement, there was a decrease in body fat and I could see that I was getting leaner, which was what I wanted. I started out at 20.7% body fat in May and have now effectively dropped almost 6% body fay to date.

Moreover, my body aches were significantly lesser as well.

Alvin Wong, Genesis Gym Eunos client

Today, I’m at 17% body fat and weigh 63kilos. I am able to squat without any nagging pains in my hip anymore. I’ve become much happier with my body, much more confident of who I am and what I am capable of. My eating habits have improved tremendously, having more self-control over my daily nutrition.

My overall mindset towards fitness has also improved positively. I’m now less emotionally attached to the little failures along the way but to fix my eyes upon the overall improvements throughout my fitness journey.

Coach Ida, Genesis Gym Eunos

Just 2 months after I started, my pants size dropped from 34 to 30 inches.  There was a significant 5% drop in body fat levels from 22% to 17%. My usual backache is also gone. Gaining the strength has also helped in my daily activities.

Damien Seah, Genesis Gym Alexis client

I managed to become leaner, weighing 66.4kg and at 14.45% body fat. Prior to joining the Genesis Team, my lowest body weight was 69kg. At Genesis Gym, I also learned the science behind supplementation and making good food choices. These have helped me to feel more energetic.

Chia Bing Xi, Genesis Gym Eunos Coach

I started seeing changes to both my physique and health 1 month into my first programme. I was sleeping better and my fitness improved too.

By the end of my first 12-week programme, I lost 5 centimetres on my waistline, my body fat percentage went down by more than 5% and my overall weight went down by 2kgs while gaining 1.5kgs of lean mass.

Sim Chee Kien , Genesis Gym Eunos client

With Genesis Gym, I felt that the environment is just right - it was spacious and not at all intimidating. I was impressed that all the coaches knew my name by my second visit.

The coaches were knowledgeable and particular with getting me into the correct form for all the exercises right from the start.

Agnes Ng, Genesis Gym Eunos client

Right from the beginning, I felt that it was a place that I could acquire a wealth of knowledge about weight training.

Within 1 month, I lost 3% body fat and went down from 13% to 10%, while gaining 2kg of lean mass. Even my midsection, which has been a problem area for me has also started shaping up.

Wesley Chong, Genesis Gym Raffles Place client

Genesis Gym knew exactly and is constantly working with myself on what I want to achieve and gave me the tools I needed to achieve not just my fitness goals, but my health goals. Their holistic approach to help and empowers its clients by teaching them the science behind the methods produces great results. You won’t find that in the commercial gyms.

Jeff Ng, Genesis Gym Raffles Place client

Over the past year, my body fat percentage has decreased by 10% and I’m now at 17% compared to 27% wen I first started.

To me, nothing is more important than having a healthy body and mind. And my journey with Genesis Gym so far has transformed not just my physical appearance but has empowered me to live a much healthier and meaningful life. And that to me is priceless.

Lee Kwok Wei, Genesis Gym Eunos client

Genesis Gym is like an inspiring buddy whom you can trust to push you to succeed in reaching your goals. The customized programme that clients get really helps them to progress steadily, gaining strength and confidence with every session. Just when you think you have reached the peak, the programme changes again to challenge you to do even better.

Benjamin Tan, Genesis Gym Eunos client

I was impressed with the precision and thoroughness that the Genesis Gym coaches take with each client’s journey. For example, instead of just a standard BMI calculation, coaches take the time to use skinfold callipers.

I also appreciate how the coaches go deep into the details around reducing body fat and building lean mass. They helped me understand that the point isn’t to blindly drop 10 pounds in a week, but steady progress that’s sustainable in the long run.

Helena Lang, Genesis Gym Raffles Place client

My body fat percentage has gone down to 12.2% and I’m currently weighing 55kg. I started out at 21.3% and weighed 49.5kg

The progress that I made so far inspires me to perform even better during training and gives me the confidence to take on seemingly impossible exercises that I never knew my body is capable of achieving

Melvin Tan, Genesis Gym Raffles Place client

Because I was able to see some results within the short time, it really made me feel I was in control of my fitness and health. And because of that, I became more confident in my own abilities.

Thomas Tran, Genesis Gym Eunos client

My transformation with Genesis Gym so far has been really rewarding. My latest measurements have shown that I have dropped almost 7% body fat and weight loss of 10 kilos in the last 8 months.

Under the clear guidance of the Genesis coaches, my diet improved and I was conscientiously eating a more balanced diet. With the lifestyle tips from the coaches, I also take on a more holistic view of health and fitness.

Ben Martin, Genesis Gym Alexis client

I got leaner real quick and lost about 4kg in 4 weeks. Today, I feel more driven, more confident about myself and more confident about what I can achieve. Tasting success through Genesis Gym helps me believe I can be successful in other areas too.

Joel Tan, Genesis Gym Eunos client

I’ve had 3 surgeries on my left knee - and the Genesis coaches knew exactly what to do to help strength it and make sure I train safely. I know I can train with ease, knowing that the coaches have full control of my training programme and push myself even further.

Stian Hallan, Genesis Gym Raffles Place

At my last measurement, I am now down to 17.5%, which is a distinct over 10% drop. I have also lost 14 kilos to date. Moreover, at my last checkup, my cholesterol and blood pressure markers are at normal levels and I don’t have gout attacks anymore.

Gabriel Chew, Genesis Gym Eunos client

Every time I work out, I surprise myself with the milestones that I achieve – the weights keep increasing and the reps keep going up! Genesis Gym doesn’t just train you physically but mentally. And nothing seems impossible now.

Eswari G, Genesis Gym Eunos client

Till today, I know I have made the right choice to step into the Genesis Gym. Not only did the coaches helped me to focus and push myself to feel better and get my life back to normal, the environment is just the right place I knew I wanted to be in. - Genesis Gym was and IS my second home.

JJ Wong, Genesis Gym Eunos Coach

What was great with Genesis was the coaches’ keen guidance and encouragement to get me back on track despite these 2 roadblocks. They gave me sound nutritional advice and adjusted my training programme to help me gain back the momentum in training.

Fraser Robertson, Genesis Gym Raffles Place

Within 4-6 months into my programme, I lost 11% of body fat and shaved 3-inches off my waistline. What’s more, I started sleeping better and my energy levels came up. I felt much stronger than I have ever been before.

Calvin Boon, Genesis Gym Eunos Client

I began seeing subtle changes within the first few weeks – my clothes were fitting better and I was really having a better overall sense of well-being. 6 months into training, people around me started noticing changes in my physique and posture. I was sleeping better and found myself much more organized during the day and much less prone to stress.

Jennifer Lombard, Genesis Gym Alexis Client

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