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When a potential client visits and asks about our personal training packages, our team takes time to explain exactly how we do things at Genesis Gym. That is because we are so different from anything else in the Singapore personal trainer market.

It is my pleasure to explain why we offer personal training in the way that we do. And why I believe these methods will benefit you so greatly.

Why We Can’t Keep Doing Things the Same Old Way

Just like any industry, there are good and bad personal trainers in Singapore.

So how can you know if you are getting a professional dedicated to his or her job?

You may be simply getting a salesperson eager to get you to sign up for the biggest possible package.

Or you may be getting a part-time amateur who can get you to do some basic exercises in a park, but doesn’t have the experience to address your individual goals or health history.

‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.’ (Henry Ford)

I think about that quote a lot, because my goal is to give personal training at Genesis Gym the reputation of a professional service – just like other healthcare professions.

After all, nobody thinks of doctors, nurses or occupational therapists as part-time amateurs.

If something is wrong, I am not one to complain. I will put my best effort into solving the problem. And the problems with traditional gyms were so serious that I realised improving the common personal training model would not work.

I could not simply modify the way things were typically done.

I needed to do things in the OPPOSITE way.

Here are four of the biggest and most common problems that clients face with regular personal trainers and fitness programmes.

I will explain how Genesis Gym turns each problem on its head. How we do things in a totally counterintuitive but much more effective fashion, and how this benefits you.

So far, it’s been 10 years of doing things the opposite way, and the results (thankfully!) have been successful as our testimonials and Facebook reviews from overjoyed customers show.

Problem #1 – Inconsistent Knowledge and Quality of Personal Trainers

In all other Singapore personal training programmes, when you sign up at a gym you are randomly assigned a personal trainer. Even if you sign up directly on a trainer’s website, it’s hard to know what you are getting.

The best, most experienced trainer may be assigned to you. Then again, so might the part-timer who passed a two-weekend ‘certification’ just last week.

You are stuck with that trainer’s level of knowledge and experience (or lack thereof).
In addition, most personal training courses are sales courses designed to teach ‘hard-sell’ tactics – to get you to sign up for big packages. They are not courses about how to get you to your fitness goals.

The most annoying part of the problem is that you are likely paying the same high price no matter which personal trainer is assigned to you.

This is unacceptable to me. So at Genesis Gym, we do the opposite.

Solution (Part 1) – The Genesis Academy

Genesis Academy is the education arm of Genesis Gym. We focus purely on the professionalism and skills needed to help you get results. We don’t need sneaky sales tactics because our business is built on delivering these results.

Genesis Academy is a compilation of the most important knowledge I have gained from more than 40 industry certifications. It also incorporates the coaching skills I have gained from over 12 years and 20,000 hours of coaching experience.

Passing this comprehensive training system is a requirement for all Genesis personal trainers.

This means consistent quality no matter which branch you train at, and no matter which trainer is guiding you through your workouts.

Solution (Part 2) – Trainer Teamwork

Most personal trainers are ‘lone wolves’, wary of anyone trying to poach their clients. They make a great effort to become known as celebrity trainers. But many become arrogant and, worse, give you uninformed information. This is irresponsible when it comes to a topic as important as your health. So we do the opposite.

Genesis personal trainers work as a closely knit team to give you consistent quality of knowledge and training.

Our fitness system has you covered on all fronts. We coach as a team, so if there is anything that, say, a Level 1 personal trainer does not know, they can ask a Level 3 centre manager. Centre managers can ask me questions, and if I don’t know, we have a team of world-class experts in different fields who we can call on for specific advice on specialised topics.

This gives expert coverage for all clients in all situations, without charging excessively high per-session rates. In addition, this teamwork approach helps our junior coaches learn much faster than they could on their own. And our senior coaches stay sharp by answering tough questions daily.

A ‘lone wolf’ personal trainer in a typical gym with only 10 or so active clients gains experience slowly. In contrast, a personal trainer on our staff has the support of the entire Genesis Gym team. We guide hundreds of active personal training clients each month, and a few thousand each year.

Every Genesis trainer benefits from this collective experience, gaining mastery faster. The cooperative mentorship of the senior team helps junior coaches grow, rather than competing with them for business.

Problem #2 – Personal Trainers Keep You Uninformed to Stay in Business

In the typical Singapore personal training business model, it is in the interest of the gym and the personal trainer to keep you, the client, as uninformed and helpless as possible.

If personal trainers taught you enough for you to be self-sufficient and independent, you would not need to buy any more personal training packages. And there goes their rice bowl. I find this attitude disempowering and unethical. So we do the opposite.

Solution – Empowering Clients Through Our Coaching

At Genesis Gym we work hard to educate you, especially during the critical first 12 weeks of your personal training program, so that you’ll be as empowered and self-sufficient as possible. This takes a lot of time and energy. But we believe it is the right thing to do.

We know that you will start from scratch. You’ll need guidance, support and encouragement. You’ll have questions and uncertainties. You will feel your body changing in ways you may not have experienced before. That is why we place such a huge emphasis on the first 12 weeks of your time with us.

But something wonderful happens when we invest this time and energy.

You become empowered.

I always tell clients that they should not think of Genesis Gym personal training as buying a ‘gym membership’. They should think of it as investing in health and fitness education. As you learn more and more about training and diet specific to your body, you will know more about training yourself than almost all the other personal trainers out there. You will also feel comfortable training at gyms anywhere world.

The risk, for us, is that you may know so much you no longer need us.

That’s okay! It means you have learned well, and are a success story. We expect you to say great things about Genesis Gym to your friends and family.

In a win-win manner, we benefit from your empowerment. As you learn, you become easier to coach. This makes it possible for us to give you up to a 25% discount off the regular price after your first 12-week personal training package at Genesis Gym. With this special price, many clients stay on with us for a long time.

Problem #3 – Personal Trainers Give Unplanned Training Sessions

Other personal trainers in Singapore are mainly selling ‘training sessions’. They think that counting reps, making you sweat, and clearing your weights for you during the session is their main role.

This means they don’t spend much time planning your training. So they put you on the treadmill for 20 minutes. This takes zero coaching or educational effort on their part. Then they take you through a random series of exercises – chosen because those machines are available, not because they are best suited for you. This is great for their convenience, but not for your results.

Is it possible to achieve your goals by not planning? Nope. Random training leads to random results.

So we do the opposite.

Solution – Assessment, Customisation and Planning

We believe in planning training programmes that are ideal for you. Your current goals, fitness ability, injury history, health status and genetic tendencies are all accounted for.

We constantly ask questions and perform regular assessments to see how we should plan your future training.

Our senior personal trainers spend a lot of time customising your programme before you even come into the gym. Every workout is part of a larger plan to get you to your goals. Every set, rep and weight is calculated to help you improve progressively. It would be impossible to consistently get results like we do without this level of planning and preparation.

Your training sessions are important. But equally important is the work we put into planning them.

Planning makes each training session very productive, and you will constantly make progress. That’s why you wanted to join a personal training programme, right?

Problem #4 – No Free Time Slots with Your Personal Trainer

I have coached thousands of clients over the past 12 years. And the most common difficulty I have faced is helping them make time for exercise and healthy habits. I knew that the Genesis Gym personal training programme needed to help clients address this problem of scheduling flexibility, because no other personal trainer out there was able to solve it.

In a busy, stressful place like Singapore, finding time to exercise is already a challenge for many people. You have work, family and social commitments.

To book a session with any other personal trainer in Singapore, you need to find a time when both you and your trainer are free.

If the trainer is popular, this can be an almost impossible task!

This scheduling problem makes it inconvenient to exercise consistently. Lack of consistency leads to frustration and poor results. So instead of giving a fixed, limited, inconvenient schedule for your training, we do the opposite.

Solution – Flexible Scheduling Using Teamwork

Our senior coaches personalise everything for you at Genesis Gym. What stretches and exercises to do, how to plan your meals, what lifestyle changes to make, and so on. We are always in touch and available to make adjustments to your programme when needed.

Our custom-built software system carefully records your training and coaching, so that our entire team knows what you should or should not be doing in each session.

And here is the great part . . .

Busy people like you benefit most from this teamwork approach because it means you do not need to wait for one particular coach to be available to schedule a training time slot! You can come almost any time that we are open.

Personal trainers fall sick, go for holidays, have family emergencies, and go for army reservist in-camp. With other gyms, you would miss training sessions. But not with Genesis Gym. We cover for each other, and you can still train consistently no matter what happens.

We work as a team, we all know you, and we all coach in a similar way as taught through the Genesis Academy.

This makes Genesis Gym personal training the most time-flexible personal training system in the world – by far.

I know of no other gym in Singapore or anywhere else that provides this level of scheduling flexibility.

You get the best of both worlds. Personal, customised programmes to match your goals. And the flexibility of training times to match your schedule.

So we encourage you to train as often as possible for maximum progress, instead of trying to fit the schedule of a personal trainer which may not match yours. Flexible scheduling is more work for us, but we genuinely want you to get results!


I love to solve problems. The four that I’ve just outlined are the main ones that clients find in the personal training industry around the world.

I built the Genesis Gym personal training programme in a way that will help you overcome all these problems – while improving the consistency of your health and fitness results.

If you are looking for a personal training system that will help you achieve your goals, join the thousands of people before you and give us a try. We have an excellent track record, and I welcome you to work with our personal trainers at Genesis Gym Singapore.

To your continued strength, health and happiness,
Coach Jonathan Wong
Founder, Genesis Gym
‘Smart Fitness, Total Health’

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