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We Have A Vibrant History
Genesis Gym has been around since 2007 and has grown from a small 600-sq-foot gym to three locations totalling 10,000-sq-foot with the best equipment in the world for serious training. This is unmatched in South East Asia. We aim to grow our services globally, giving opportunities to our entire team while maintaining the excellent service quality which we are known for.
We Have A Strong Culture
Genesis has a stellar reputation among gyms for our client’s results, our professionalism and our culture of continual learning and growth. We never hard sell products or packages and we are constantly motivated to help clients achieve their goals. Our clients and our coaching team have never used performance enhancing drugs which are sometimes a “dark secret” of many gyms. We focus on health as our number one priority. Our purpose is to give clients results in total health and fitness.
We Have High Expectations
Taking care of people’s health and physical bodies is not a place for amateurs. Everything from the encouraging and vulgarity-free language we use, the coaching skills we require and the technical knowledge we demand cannot be compromised. Our coaches and staff are professionals who pursue the best in knowledge and techniques.
We Believe in Personal and Professional Growth
At Genesis Gym, all coaches undergo a three year development plan. This comprises of various levels of technical education and practical training that is unmatched anywhere in the personal training and fitness industry. If daily learning and growing on a personal level and as a coach excites you, then this is the place for you.
We Provide Opportunities to Shine
The people that stay on with our team are always growing and are game for more responsibilities and opportunities. Once you have good technical skills, you are encouraged to partner with our senior team to develop new programmes and services for clients. Not only do we encourage ownership of these programmes you create, we welcome you to reap the benefits and financial rewards of them too. We encourage win-win partnerships between coaches and the gym owners. For team members who match our culture, values and required skill levels, there are opportunities to become partners – an opportunity that no other gym offers.

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